14.5 Volume, Mass, and Temperature




RECALL: To find the surface area you count squares; NOW, to find volume you count cubes


S.A. → units are squares (i.e., square centimeters, square inches, .)

V. → units are cubes (i.e., cubic centimeters, cubic inches,..)




Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms


→ determine how many cubes are needed to build it (Figure)


Formula: V = lwh →→ B = lw











Volume of a Cylinder


Formula: V = Bh →→→ B =

















Example: Find the volume of each




















Volume of Pyramids and Cones


Formula (Pyramid): V = 1/3 Bh


Formula (Cone): V = 1/3



Examples: Find the volume of each



















Volume of a Sphere


Formula: V = 4/3







Example: Find the volume.