MATH 3703


Geometry for P-8 Teachers


Review Sheet for Test 2


This test consists of 20 questions.  It covers sections 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, & 10.4.


How will you prepare for this test?  Keep the following items in mind.


  1. Be able to tell whether two triangles are congruent and state why (SSS, SAS, etc.).
  2. Expect some true and false questions that deal with the properties of quadrilaterals, among other things.  Be ready to tell why a statement is false.
  3. Constructions!!!!!!!!!
  4. Be able to “find x” when you have similar triangles (or when you have similar triangles embedded in a word problem).
  5. We have had several theorems.  You should understand these theorems and be able to use them in problem solving situations.
  6. Test problems are many times similar to those done in class or those assigned for homework.  In addition, by doing the homework problems you are better prepared to handle new and unfamiliar problems that may appear on the test.



Here is a list of the concepts that we have covered in this chapter.


Sec 10.1

Similar figures, congruent figures, circle (minor arc, major arc, semicircle, center of an arc), constructions (circle with given radius, congruent segment, congruent angle, congruent triangle), congruent triangles (SSS, SAS), Triangle Inequality Property, Thm 10.1, 10.2


Sec. 10.2

Congruent triangles (ASS, ASA, AAS), quadrilateral properties


Sec 10.3

Perpendicular bisector, angle bisector, altitude of a triangle


Sec 10.4

Similar figures, similar triangles (AAA), scale factor, using proportions to find missing measures in similar triangles