Goal: The goal is to facilitate the exploration of a student’s conjecture.


Role: You are a 5th grade teacher teaching a geometry unit.


Audience: The target audience is your 5th grade class.


Situation: In your 5th grade classroom, your students were exploring properties of triangles and found that if the three sides of one triangle were congruent to three sides of a second triangle, then the two triangles were the same shape and size (SSS).  Sally raised her hand and said, “I think the same thing is true for quadrilaterals!”  What Sally means is that if four sides of one quadrilateral are congruent to the four corresponding sides of the second quadrilateral, then the two quadrilaterals are always going to be congruent (SSSS).


Product: First you are to provide a written explanation of why you agree or disagree with Sally’s conjecture.  You should include any examples or drawings that support your reasoning.  Then you are to design a classroom activity.  The goal of the activity is to provide students with the opportunity to explore Sally’s conjecture so as to decide for themselves whether it is true or false.


Standards: The classroom activity should include student directions and teacher notes.  In addition, a copy of the activity should be included that contains sample answers/responses.  All work is to be typed.  You should include a copy of the attached rubric with your task.











Scoring Rubric:



4-5 points

2-3 points

0-1 points

Product: Written Explanation: Mathematical Concepts

Explanation shows complete understanding of the mathematical concepts involved.

Explanation shows some understanding of the mathematical concepts involved.

Explanation shows very limited understanding of the underlying concepts involved OR is not written.

Product: Written Explanation: Mathematical Explanation

Explanation is detailed and clear with supporting pictures/drawings.

Explanation is a little difficult to understand, but includes critical components.

Explanation is difficult to understand and is missing several components OR was not included.

Product: Classroom Activity

Classroom activity effectively engages students in an appropriate exploration of the conjecture.  The activity enables students to correctly assess the conjecture.

Classroom activity is appropriate for the conjecture and will lead to the correct assessment of the conjecture but it does not effectively engage students.

Classroom activity is not appropriate for exploring this conjecture OR it does not enable students to correctly assess the conjecture.

Standards for Classroom Activity

Classroom activity includes clear student directions and teacher notes as well as a copy with sample student responses/answers.

Classroom activity does not include one of the required components.

Classroom activity does not include more than one of the required components (student directions, teacher notes, sample student responses/answers).

Neatness, Grammar, Spelling, Etc.

The work is presented in a neat, clear, organized fashion that is easy to read.  Writer makes not errors in grammar or spelling.

The work is presented in an organized fashion but may be hard to read at times.  Writer makes up to 4 errors in grammar and/or spelling.

The work appears sloppy and unorganized.  It is hard to know what information goes together.  Writer makes more than 4 errors in grammar and/or spelling.