MATH 3703 – Portfolio


You will create a geometry portfolio which will consist of 4 parts (described below).  This portfolio is due on or before          .  Any portfolio turned in after the due date will be assessed a late penalty of 10 points.


Each section is expected to be neat and well organized, incorporating correct spelling and grammar.


In preparing your portfolio, it will be beneficial to look at the rubric that will be used to grade your portfolio.


Section 1- Geometry in ______________


In this section, you will display geometric ideas that we have covered/will cover this semester.  Note the following:

1.      parallel lines

2.      perpendicular lines

3.      dihedral angle

4.      scalene, acute triangle (This is a triangle that is both scalene and acute.)

5.      isosceles, right triangle (This is a triangle that is both isosceles and right.)

6.      rectangle

7.      square

8.      rhombus

9.      circle

10.  pentagon OR hexagon

11.  prism

12.  pyramid OR cone

13.  cylinder OR sphere

14.  tessellation

15.  a figure with line symmetry and/or rotational symmetry


Section 2 – Geometry Tasks


This section consists of performance tasks that require you to take an in depth look at the geometry concept involved.  The links below lead to each task.  In addition to a description of the task, you will find a scoring rubric for the task.  Tasks will be turned in periodically throughout the semester.  Check the course schedule for due dates.  When you turn in your portfolio, you should include these graded tasks.


Each task is worth 25 points.  Therefore this section of the portfolio is worth a total of 100 points.


Task 1                          Task 2                          Task 3                          Task 4


Section 3 – Article Reflections


Throughout the semester, you will read a variety of journal articles and be required to write reflections about them.  Your reflection should follow the format and guidelines contained in this document.  Reflections should be between 1 ½ to 2 pages in length and should be typed, double spaced, and 12 font.  A scoring rubric should be turned in with each one of these.  These are due at the beginning of class on the specified date (see course schedule).  Each article reflection is worth 5 points.




Article 1

Learning Geometry: Some Insights Drawn from Teacher Writing

Article 2

Young Children’s Ideas about Geometric Shapes OR The Role of Definition

Article 3

Shape Up! OR Perimeter and Area through the van Hiele Model

Article 4

Educating Hannah: It’s a What? OR Above and Beyond AAA: The Similarity and Congruence of Polygons


These reflections account for 20 points of the portfolio’s final grade.


Section 4 – Journal


This semester you will maintain a journal.  Note the following:



Journal entries will be scored according to the following:



The following proportion will be solved to get your score on this part of the project (which is denoted by x):


                                    (your points earned)/(total # points possible) = x/30


The journal counts for 30 points of the portfolio’s final grade.