MATH 4713

Assignment 1

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1.1    Suppose you are a 5th grade teacher and you are interested in learning more about your students.  Create 3 questions that you might ask your students.  Question 1 should represent a quantitative variable.  Question 2 should represent a categorical/binary variable.  Question 3 should represent a categorical/not binary variable.  What are the observational units of your study?




1.2    a) Describe the graph below.  Be sure to address all six key features as outlined in class.

b)      Provide an example of a question that might have been asked to produce this dot plot.  Give a description of the observational units for your question and explain why the responses to your question would have resulted in two clusters.




1.3    In Fall 2003, UWG had 3264 freshmen, 1662 sophomores, 1447 juniors, 1515 seniors, 2210 graduate students and 157 others.  Create some type of graphical representation for this information.  In addition, create and answer 3 questions from your graph.  The first question should be a read question.  The second question should be a derive question.  The third question should be an interpret question.