MATH 4713

Assignment 2

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2.1    Consider the following problem:  The mean of 2 numbers is 8 and the mean of another 3 numbers is 12.  Determine the mean of the combined group of 5 numbers.  Explain how to use snap cubes to solve this problem.





2.2    Suppose you have a data set with a mean of 5.  Find 3 numbers (none of which are 5) that can be added to the data set without changing the mean.  Use the “balance point of the distribution” interpretation of the mean to demonstrate that the 3 numbers you have chosen will not change the mean.





2.3    Calculate by hand the standard deviation of the “naval height” data for our class.  Be sure to show your work.  If a student’s naval height is within 1 standard deviation of the mean, what would be the range of that student’s possible navel height?