This web page is devoted to collecting information on my two sons who served or are serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in different parts of the world ------
Click here for my son Blake's last correspondence from his Peace Corps days. Click here for my son Brian's most recent correspondence.

For some background, Blake began his Peace Corps experience in 2005 after graduating from the University of West Georgia (UWG); and he ended his Peace Corps experience as of December 2010. Brian after graduating from UWG in the Spring of 2008 started his Peace Corps experience in September 2008 and is extending his Peace Corps experience through the end of 2012. Blake served in the republic of Vanuatu in the south Pacific while Brian is serving in Cameroon Africa. Click here to listen to Ashley Judd‘s audio advertisement for the Peace Corps which makes me think about both Blake and Brian.

Thanks to all who contributed to the Peace Corps Partnership Program web site. The goal of donations requested for my son's community project in Vanuatu were completed on July 15 2009. Click here for correspondence from Blake on this project with links to pictures to some of the women and families that will benefit from the building built from the funds raised. Thank you.
Some Vanuatu info/links:
The 2003 Asian Bank report about Vanuatu which some statements of note are:
The poor in Vanuatu suffer from "poverty of opportunity" in terms of a lack of access to basic services, jobs, and education. Although absolute poverty in terms of starvation and destitution is not a problem in Vanuatu, many people have incomes below the international poverty line of US$1 per day. Recent estimates suggest that 40% of all Ni- Vanuatu and 51% of those living in the rural areas have incomes below this level. Another article describing Vanuatu and its paradoxes.

South Pacific map -- Cyclone tracking map for Vanuatu -- Australian Cyclone Tracking Information -- Current Vanuatu Satellite Map
Current Time in Vanuatu -- Ambae Tourist web site -- Vanuatu travel map -- Vanuatu Visitor's Guide -- Vanuatu map (Aoba is another name for Ambae) -- Ambae map -- Ambae Info -- Vanuatu info -- Another Vanuatu map -- National Flag of Vanuatu -- District/Province Flags of Vanuatu -- Vanuatu Education Act 2001 -- Seacology Home Page -- Santo 2006 biodiversity expedition -- A large PowerPoint file of my observations

Some Cameroon links:
Movie of places near Brian in northern Cameroon -- Blog with comments from volunteers about life in Cameroon -- Oct 2008 news story about flooding in Garoua Cameroon -- Article on forestry efforts in Cameroon
Current Time in Cameroon -- Map of earth showing which parts of earth are currently in daylight or darkness with clouds or this map with relative times and without clouds

Please email if you have suggestions/additions/corrections to any info presented above or other information that you would like to share about my sons Blake or Brian. Thanks.