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Sexual Assault Response Team

The Sexual Assault Response Team was created in 2001 to ensure that the campus has a comprehensive, coordinated, effective response to sexual assaults.


Health Services (Leslie Cottrell, M.D., Jill Hendricks, Patient Advocate)
University Police (Tom Mackel)
Student Development (Lisa Adams)
Greek Life (Lucille Whiten)
Assistant Dean of Students (Trish Causey)
Residence Life (Steve Whitlock)

1. Review campus policies and procedures related to sexual assaults to assure that they are coordinated, comprehensive, effective, and in accordance with appropriate legal, Board of Regents, and University of West Georgia guidelines.

2. Develop response protocols for primary campus responders.

3. Meet regularly to discuss sexual assaults which have been reported to any of the team members, and review the campus response in order to modify policies and procedures if necessary.

4. Publicize campus resources for dealing with sexual assaults.

5. Ensure that students are educated about sexual assault prevention.

6. May recommend or coordinate training for members of the campus community who respond to sexual assault.

Dealing with Sexual Assault at UWG
Appendix C of the Student Handbook (Policy for Victims of Sexual Assaults)
Sexual Misconduct (p. 122 of Student Handbook)
Sexual Harassment (p. 123 of Student Handbook)
Stop Sexual Violence poster series

To request a class or presentation on sexual assault, contact Debra Dugan, Health Educator, 678-839-0642, or go to

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, contact any of the following:

Health Services 678-839-6452
Student Development 678-839-6428
University Police 678-839-6000
Patient Advocate 678-839-0641