Townsend Center Home at The University of West Georgia

Turtle Island Tales

Sunday, November 4 - 2:30pm

Turtle Island Tales

Among the Onondaga, a tribe of the Iroquois confederacy, North America is often called Turtle Island. In that tradition, Turtle Island Tales features Native American songs and stories: "Raven Steals the Sun" away from a selfish chief, "The Gift of Fire" in which man learns the uses and dangers of fire and "Antelope and the Thunderbirds" battle a monster and great drought.

Winner of puppetry's highest honor, the UNIMA Citation of Excellence, and recipient of three Jim Henson Foundation grants, Hobey Ford is known for excellence in puppetry performance and craft. With funding from the Jim Henson Foundation, Ford developed his largest show, utilizing not only shadow puppetry with painted scenes and lush lighting, but also a life-sized Native American rod puppet. Hobey's intricate shadow puppetry work and creation of the "Foamies" and “Peepers” have earned him a place on stages around the world.

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Hobey is a delight.

~ Theatreworks, Inc.
star Tickets: $12 Adults, $10 Seniors/Military, $5 Children Sponsored by Chester and Faye Gibson