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Rentals Introduction

The Townsend Center for the Performing Arts contains a 459-seat Main Stage theatre, with proscenium stage and orchestra pit, and a Black Box theatre which seats up to 150 for experimental theatre, chamber music, receptions, and other small-scale events. The facility includes staff offices, a lobby, ticket office, two dressing rooms, a rehearsal room, green room, scene shop, and Theatre Department costume shop. The TCPA is located on the campus of the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. The TCPA was officially opened in April of 1989 as the Performing Arts Center.

The Main Stage theatre is equipped with a counter-weight fly system, a Telex communication system, house sound system, and computerized lighting system. The Black Box theatre is equipped with a Telex communication system, house sound system, and computerized lighting system.

The ticket office has a computerized ticket system and accepts checks, cash, Visa, and MasterCard charge cards. Box office hours are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday during the academic year, and an hour before showtime.

Contact Us

Contact Information



Contact Information

Robert B. Jennings Artistic Director Email: Office: 678-839-4722
Fax: 678-839-4805
David Manuel Technical Director Email: Office: 678-839-4722
Fax: 678-839-4805
Renét Jones Business Services Manager Email: Office: 678-839-4722
Fax: 678-839-4805
Misty Parham Patron Services Manager Email: Office: 678-839-4722
Fax: 678-839-4805

Facility and Technical Information

Facility and Technical Information (Venue Dimensions, Equipment)

Performance Facility

Facility Name: Maurice K. Townsend Center for the Performing Arts
Address of Facility: 209 West Georgia Drive, Carrollton, GA 30118-1400
Address of Presenter: 1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA 30118-1400
Main Office Phone: (678) 839-4722
Year facility was built: 1988
Touring companies/artists that have performed in the facility since its opening include: The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Chinese Magic Revue, Vagabond Marionettes, Tell-Tale Theatre, Empire Brass, North Carolina Dance Theatre, Savannah Symphony Orchestra, Jomandi Productions ("Sisters" & "Do Lord"), Doug Stone, Tom Chapin, Washington (DC) Ballet, Landsberg & Yount, Count Basie Orchestra, Ames Piano Quartet, Transactors Improv Co., Chopstik Theatre ("Streetcar Named Desire"), European Community Chamber Orchestra with Delphin & Romain, Savannah Symphony Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis Septet, Dmitri Ratser, Floristan Trio, Capitol Steps, Orchestra Kremlin, Gwen Hughes & the Jazz Kats, Rogers & Morrison Piano Duo, Spivey Hall Children’s Choir, Travis Tritt, Mary Baker & Jim Dixon, Chekker Duo, David Clark, Sadako & a Thousand Cranes, Chris Vadala, Southern Aire, Ramsey & Walker Piano Duo, Bill Harley, Gary Motley Trio, State Theatre of Georgia ("Driving Miss Daisy"), Charles Wadsworth, Paula Robison, Samuel Sanders, Jane Bunnel, Yesterday: A Tribute to the Beatles, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Vivaldi Orchestra of Moscow, Niko Associates/Jericho production ("Man of LaMancha"), Georgia Mountain Theatre (“Trail of Tears,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “Lewis & Clark”), Robert McDuffie, Red Star Red Army Chorus & Dance Ensemble, Slovak Symphony Orchestra, Eaken Piano Trio, Troupe America, Inc. ("Ghost Stories"), Moscow Boys Choir, "A Tribute to Patsy Cline," Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival, D’vine, Ken Waldman, Gizmo Guys, Tom Dugan (“An Evening with the General: Robert E. Lee”), Keith Knight, America! We the People, Congo Square, Lazer Vaudeville, Barry Scott (“Ain’t Got Long to Stay Here”), Dan Kamin, Tales of the Ashanti, Andreas Klein, Caribbean Sound, the Carroll Symphony Orchestra, Michael Cooper, Russian American Kids’ Circus, Ballet Memphis, Elizabeth von Trapp, Alliance Theatre (“Seussical the Musical”), Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, The Alley Cats, Spencers, Alex deGrassi, Chicago Jazz Ensemble with Jon Faddis, Mel Johnson, Jr. (“Frederick Douglass”), the Hamann Sisters, Robin and Linda Williams, and in 2009-2010, BeauSoleil with Michael Doucet, the Perfect Gentlemen, Sophie Milman, Ignacio Berroa, and Scott Ainslie.

House Information

Type of Theatre: Indoor Proscenium
Seating Capacity: 455 (permanent, floor) Raked (5" steps, no ramps) + 4 wheelchair positions.
  All seats on main floor, no balcony or boxes.
Lobby: Located rear of house; all exits to lobby at rear of house.
  The theatre can be darkened completely with the exception of four (4) "EXIT" signs and aisle lights.

Mainstage Information

A. Stage Dimensions

1. Proscenium Arch: 35' 6" wide x 18' high
2. Stage Width: 74’ (wall-to-wall)
3. Wing Space: Stage Right 16'-7"
Stage Left: 19' 4"
4. Obstructions Above & On Floor: SR: air conditioner duct 25' from center line: 20 '6" and 22' up from floor; catwalk 30' from center line; rigging rail is 34 '6" from center line.
SL: air conditioner duct 27' from center line, 22' up from floor.
5. Stage Depth: 4' 6-1/2" Apron to Plaster Line
32' Plaster Line to Cyc
35' 1-1/2" Plaster Line to Back Wall
8' Orchestra Lift on Hydraulic Elevator
6. Stage Height from House Floor: Lowest seating level: 35" below stage level
Highest seating level: 45" above stage level
7. Distance from plaster to: first seating row: 18'
last seating row: 50'8
Grid Height from Floor: 45'
8. Over-all length of pipes: 50'

B. Floor:

1. Surface: Douglas fir (softwood)
Covered with Masonite (painted black)
2. Specs: 2" x 6" Douglas fir on 1/2" plywood (x2) on 2" x 4" studs on concrete/steel structure
3. General surface condition: good
4. Surface is sealed.
5. There are 6 traps and 6 floor pockets. Locations of Obstructions: 6 trap doors, 62 -1/2" x 50-1/2"; four center stage, 10' 8" from plaster. One each stage left and stage right 18' 3' from plaster, 12' 11" from center line. Each contains recessed metal lift tab on each corner (approx. 3" x 3").
6. Floor can be nailed & screwed (within reason).
7. Facility does not have a vinyl dance floor.
8. Painted 1/4" Masonite is available to cover playing area + (approx. 40' x 32"), forestage and orchestra lift.

C. General Stage Information:

1. Location of Crossover: Limited (3') behind Cyc (with Cyc hung @ 32')
2. Loading Door & Stage Route: Location of Loading Door: Rear of building off stage left
Loading Door Height: 9" 4-1/2"
Loading Door Width: 12' 11-1/2"
Loading Dock Height: 3' 9"
Route to Stage (Height): 18' thru shop to 19' stage door
Route to Stage (Width): 16' stage door (8' x 2')
Aluminum dock plate available: 48" w x 36" l x 3/8" thick; 3,300-lb. capacity +/- height differential.
3. Ladders: (height) 10 ft. fiberglass A-frame
12 ft. fiberglass A-frame
24 ft. fiberglass A-frame
31 ft. electrically-powered hydraulic lift ("upright" single-passenger)
4. Fly System: Single-purchase counterweight fly system (all manual, no motorized).
Manufacturer: J. R. Clancy & United Stage
Location of control: stage right
Number of lines: 32
Number of lines available: 19-21 (typical; more available)
Weights & total pounds: 12, 20, 25, 32-lb. weights; approx. 32,000 pounds total
Loading rail @ 38' from stage floor.
Maximum weight per arbor: 2,000 pounds

D. Lighting & Sound:

Contact the Technical Director for specific information about equipment

E. Crew:

Students and staff familiar with facility.
Available hours: As Necessary; crew may rotate to meet class schedules
(minimized as much as possible).

Wardrobe assistant(s) available upon request.

F. Draperies:

1. Legs: A. Number of legs necessary to mask stage: 4
B. Total number of legs: 6 + opened mid-stage draw; additional available (15' x 15' and 17’ x 15’)
C. Dimensions: 10' x 20', Color: Black, Material: Poly Velour
D. All can be flown out.
E. Distance of Pipes to Floor: 20 ft. (flown-in)
2. Borders: A. Number of Borders necessary to mask electrics: 5
B. Total number of borders: 5, including burgundy teaser; more available.
C. Dimensions: 10' x 25' (2 per pipe), Color: Black, Material: Poly Velour
D. All can be flown to grid.
E. Distanced of Pipes to Floor: 20 ft. (typical, in)
3. Main Drape: Manual Draw/Fly (non-motorized), Color: Burgundy
4. Backings: A. Traveler: Black, Distance from proscenium: 18'
B. Sky Drop: Natural, Distance from proscenium: 32' (typical; can be re-hung), Size: 20' x 50'
C. No wrap-around Cyc.
D. Back wall painted black, Condition: good (note: overhead AC ducts visible.)

G. Staging Information:

16 Carpeted risers 4’ x 8’ x 2’ high with railings.
2 Sets of carpeted steps with railings.
1 Set of seated choral risers 3 levels high (8”, 16” and 24”) 4 pieces 3’ x 8’ and 2 pie-shaped pieces with railings
5 Carpeted standing choral risers 8”, 16” and 24” with 3 additional pieces 32” high with Railings.

Richard L. Dangle Theatre/Black Box Information

Type of Theatre: Indoor Blackbox
Seating Capacity: 100-150 No permanent seats, All seats on main floor, no balcony or boxes.
  Three (3) exits located along hallway that leads to the dressing rooms, one (1) that leads to the lobby, and one (1) that leads directly to the outside of the building.
Lobby: Located rear of house; all exits to lobby at rear of house.
  The theatre can be darkened completely with the exception of five (5) "EXIT" signs.
Stage Dimensions: 35’ x 48’ with curve that matches Mainstage pit.
Floor: Flame-resistant plywood painted black.
Overhead Grid Height: 15’ 6”
Lighting & Sound: Contact the Technical Director for specific information about equipment.

Dressing Rooms

A. Location: 30 ft. down corridor from stage left.
B. Dressing rooms (mirror-image male & female) have the following: mirrors, chairs and counters, lavatories, toilets, showers, costume racks (built-in; portable available), wardrobe space, make-up lights and counters, hot water, stage monitors.
C. Occupancy of Dressing Rooms (seated, each): approx. 18 (more standing).
D. Available upon request: iron & ironing board, permanent & portable hanging wardrobe racks.
E. Lighting: florescent (no windows or skylights).

Rental Procedures

Rental Procedures

Contact the General Manager at 678-839-4722 to initiate rentals and for general calendar information. If the date(s) you need are available, she will refer you to the Technical Director and the Patron Services Manager to arrange a pre-production meeting to discuss your needs and estimate expenses for the event. During this meeting, potential renters and the TCPA staff will determine access times, staging setup, technical requirements, front of house needs, box office needs, and safety/security needs. This allows the Townsend Center staff to plan and staff your event, have all equipment ready upon your arrival, and develop the most accurate estimate of the cost of your event. This meeting should occur no later than one month prior to the event.

The Townsend Center differentiates Non-University users into two separate categories and priories. While Priorities 1-3 are reserved for academic and campus-sponsored events, Priory 4 is Non-College educational or governmental groups or agencies. Priority 5 covers private and/or commercial and/or civic groups. Priority 4 groups must pay fees related to their usage of the building but do not pay rent. Priority 5 groups must pay both fees related to their use of the facility and a building usage fee.

Based on the type and scope of your program and attendance expectations, the Townsend Center staff will determine how many Ushers and other Front of House personnel will be required for each performance. The Townsend Center requires a minimum of two TCPA student assistant ushers per performance. Upon approval from the Patron Services Manager, groups may provide up to five of their own Ushers prior to and during events. Permission for additional Ushers may be requested during the pre-production meeting. If your group does provide additional volunteer Ushers, they must meet with the Patron Services Manager one hour prior to the event. Any necessary charges for this service will be discussed during the pre-production meeting.

The Townsend Center requires all ticketing for events held in either of our venues to be handled through our box office. Every event must be ticketed. Many groups prefer their tickets to be batch printed and to sell them themselves. Tickets will contain the name of the organization sponsoring the event, the show name, the date and time of the event, ticket price, and the location of the event. Tickets may be general admission or reserved seating in the main stage and general admission in the black box theatre. The above information should be provided to the box office Manager during the initial pre-production meeting. There will be a charge for ticket set up and the printing of tickets. Some groups prefer all tickets to be sold through the Townsend Center box office. This service is more costly that batch printing and may be discussed during the pre-production meeting.

The Townsend Center provides lighting, sound equipment, and limited staging for each event. We require that all TCPA equipment, including the fly system, be run by our staff or TCPA’s trained student workers. During your pre-production meeting, the Technical Director will determine your technical needs and inform you of any equipment that your group will have to provide, such as projectors or additional microphones. The technical director will also determine how many student workers will be required to run your event. At least one technical student worker is required for every event, except Theatre Company events, but more may be required if necessary. The charge for this service will be discussed during the pre-production meeting. Any changes to the hours of access, performance times, or technical needs after this meeting cannot be guaranteed, but staff will try to accommodate if there is sufficient notice given. Staff reserves the right to refuse such requests if there is insufficient notice. Please refer to the above Building Policies for more rules of the use of technical equipment in the Townsend Center.

The Townsend Center requires a University of West Georgia Public Safety Officer for all rental events held in our building that are expected to meet or exceed full house. The charge for this service will be discussed during the pre-production meeting.

Outside groups using the Townsend Center are required to sign a rental contract and users responsibility (S.O.P.) agreement. A $100 deposit is required with the contract. Dates will not be held until the Townsend Center has received both a signed contract and the deposit. Other deposits may be required for use of specific Townsend Center equipment. The imperial Grand Bösendorfer pianos require tuning for every use and may not be moved by anyone except trained Townsend Center personnel, ($500 damage deposit required).

Outside groups using the Townsend Center are allowed to provide hospitality to their guest artists under certain conditions. Groups must get prior approval from the TCPA staff for use of the rehearsal room, and the type of hospitality to be provided. Furthermore, the set up and clean up of such hospitality is entirely the responsibility of the user.

Event receptions are allowed in the Townsend Center upon prior approval. Users must discuss their needs for a reception with the TCPA staff during the initial meeting. Receptions are restricted to the Lobby and Black Box (if available). All food and drinks must be provided by the campus catering company, currently Aramark. Although the Townsend Center staff is available to make suggestions about your reception and will inform you about what types of food are allowed, users are responsible for contacting Aramark directly. The Townsend Center does not provide concessions; groups wishing to sell concessions or any other merchandise must receive prior approval from the TCPA staff. The Townsend Center will provide up to six tables for use in the Lobby during events.

The Townsend Center requires payment in two installments. The first installment includes all expenses except rental costs. The second and final installment will be the cost of rental. For events occurring between July and April the first installment is due at least one month prior to the event, the balance is due the day of performance (before the performance). For events occurring between May and July, all payments must be made by the first week in May. If the Townsend Center does not receive payment by the date scheduled on the contract the event will be cancelled. For an up to date schedule of fees to rent the Townsend Center please contact Renet Jones at 678-839-4722.

Facility Use Policy

Facility Use Policy

  Click here to view our facility use policy.

Sample Rental Agreement

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