Alpha Psi Omega Omicron Kappa Cast

Point System

Major /Lead Role 30pts.
Ensemble Role 25pts.
Supporting Role 20pts.
Minor Role/non-Speaking 15pts
Improv Troupe 15pts
Arts on the Quad 7pts
Stage Reading 5pts

Full Length 30pts
One Act 20pts
10-minute 15pts
Full Length 30pts
One Act 15pts
10-minute 10pts
Scene 5pts
(Not Produced)
Full Length 20pts
One Act 10pts
10-minute 7pts
Scene 3pts

Stage Manager 30pts
Assistant Stage Manager 20pts
House Manager 7pts

Lighting, Set, Costume, Props, Sound 30pts
Assistant Scenic/Costume Designer 15pts
Technical Director 15pts
Master Electrician 10pts
Electrics Crew 5pts
Sound Board Operator 10pts
Light Board Operator 7pts
Run Crew 10pts
Assistant Technical Director 10pts
Dramaturgy 20pts

Student Assistant (Per Semester) 5pts
OPIES (Organization) 7pts
Coffee House (Organization) 7pts
Orientation Skits 7pts
Participation in KCACTF, GTC, SETC or any other convention 7pts
Recruitment 7pts
Delta Psi Omega (1/3 of APO points) 50pts



This Organization shall be called ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY, Omicron Kappa CAST, also known as ALPHA PSI OMEGA Omicron Kappa CAST, ALPHA PSI, APO and ??O.

Preamble and Mission Statement

The purpose of ALPHA PSI OMEGA, Omicron Kappa CAST, is to stimulate interest in theatre activities at the University of West Georgia and to secure for the college, and its entities, all the advantages, and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national honorary fraternity. By electing students to membership, the fraternity provides a reward for their participation in theatre activities of the college. The cast is not intended to take the place of any existing theatre organization. By volunteering our time, energy and monies we strive to become better individuals, students, leaders and professionals in our chosen disciplines.

Officers and Duties

Section 1. The officers of the cast shall be the Cast President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. (Additional officers may be specified, as needs demand.)

Section 2. The President of the Cast shall serve as the official spokesperson for the cast, call meetings, preside at general and executive committee meetings, appoint committees, and have general supervision of all the affairs of the fraternity.

Section 3. The Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in case of his/her absence. He/She may not call meetings without the consent of the President unless the President is on an extended absence. The Vice President, along with the Secretary, is also responsible for maintaining a record of points collected by members and possible candidates. He/She shall be appointed as SGA representative if needed.

Section 4. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings at meetings, read a report of the minutes, keep an accurate record of points collected by members and possible candidates, along with the Vice President and handle cast correspondence.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and assessments of members, pay bills sanctioned by the fraternity, keep an account of all receipts and expenditures, and report on the financial status on the 1st general meeting of each month.

Election of Officers

Section 1. To elect an officer, nominations must first be submitted to the President. In the event that the President is up for re-election, nominations must be submitted to the faculty advisor. Only a current member in good standing (see member requirements) may be nominated. It is acceptable to nominate oneself. Each person nominated shall be able to run no more than one positions each voting year.

Section 2. In order to hold a leadership position in this organization, members shall be in good standing and must be theatre majors or minors.

Section 3. Nominations shall be accepted beginning at the first general membership meeting in April. Elections shall be held at the second meeting in April and shall be conducted in Martha Munro. The election shall be done by secret ballot. The Faculty Advisor shall count the ballots. Once the votes are tallied, the President shall announce the results.

Section 4. Active voting membership will be limited to all students who are active members and are currently enrolled at the University of West Georgia . Faculty, Staff, UWG Alumni, Student Spouses, etc., may be affiliate members but may not vote or hold office.

Section 5. There must be a simple majority vote by the members, for an officer to be elected.

Section 6. An officer shall not be allowed to hold more than one office during a term.

Section 7. Once an officer is elected, he/she shall be formally installed by the outgoing officer and shall take an oath pledging to carry out the duties of the office conferred and always with the decorum and dignity worthy of the fraternity. The induction ceremony shall follow the guidelines set forth in the National Charter.

Term of Office

Each officer shall hold a one-year term in his/her elected office. No officer may hold more than two consecutive complete terms in the same office. The only exceptions are if any officer is leaving due to Graduation or any other event secured by the rest of the officers and faculty sponsor.

Removal of Officers

Upon the first offense, the officer shall receive a letter of reprimand. Upon the second consecutive offense, the officer shall be brought before the executive committee. In both instances the executive committee must have a valid reason and proof of why the officer has been reprimanded. Upon the third consecutive offense, there shall be a vote of the members deciding whether or not to remove the officer. The affected will be allowed to address the organization in order to relate any relevant defense prior to the vote. A two-thirds vote in favor of dismissal is required to remove the officer.

Voting Power of the Officers

All officers retain voting rights although the President only votes in the event of a tie.


Section 1. If officers do not return to school, new officers shall be elected to fill the vacancies at the first meeting of the year.

Section 2. If an officer is removed or resigns during a term, there shall be an election at that time to fill the position for the remainder of the term.

Section 3. If the President is removed or resigns, the Vice President shall become the President and there shall be an election to elect a new Vice President.

Section 4. All members must be available to attend all general meetings. Two consecutive missed meetings will be grounds for dismissal.

Membership Requirements and Election

Section 1. Membership is limited to all students who have paid fees and are enrolled with the University of West Georgia . No discrimination shall be made on the basis of gender, race, age, creed, religion, disability, sexual preference, national origin, marital status, or veteran's status. No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership into this organization. All groups, except those exempt by law, must have opportunities for male and female memberships. Sports clubs involving contact or competitive selection may limit participation to one sex, but must permit membership in the club to both sexes.

Section 2. All interested students must complete all of the pledge requirements.

Section 3. An interested student must apply for membership before the semester deadline for Alpha Psi Omega initiation. Each prospective member shall be required to complete the following before acceptance as a member in the fraternity.
  1. Attend an orientation meeting and apply for membership.
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  3. Pay initiation dues of $20.00. The $20.00 goes to the National Chapter.
  4. They must accumulate at least 150 Alpha Psi Omega Points prior to initiation.
  5. Pledges are required to learn the names of the National and Local Officers.
  6. Pledges are required to memorize a speech of at least 12 lines from the Shakespeare canon for presentation.
  7. Pledges shall be expected to be active in all Alpha Psi Omega sponsored events unless excused by the President.
Section 4. To maintain membership in good standing, a member must adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  2. Maintain 30 points each semester.
  3. Must be an active participant in at least one committee each year.
Section 5. This organization may have affiliate members such as faculty, staff UWG Alumni, student spouses, etc., that number twenty-five (25) percent of the total membership. At no time shall the UWG student membership fall below seventy-five (75) percent.

Section 6. The privileges of membership include benefiting fellow students, faculty, and the community with a quality theatre organization and support of worthwhile endeavors. Each member shall receive an Alpha Psi Omega membership card and lifelong membership.

Section 7. Membership may be revoked without mutual agreement for non-participation, misconduct, or violations of any provisions of the constitution. The member will be notified in writing by the Executive Committee of the possible revocation at least 72 hours prior to the vote, and will be allowed to address the organization in order to relate to members any relevant defense prior to the vote for removal. Membership can only be revoked upon a two-thirds majority vote of eligible members. The member in question shall be notified of the decision by official written correspondence.

Section 8. An inactive member is one that chooses not to attend meetings or participate in functions. To become an inactive member, the member must notify the Executive Committee in writing of their intent. To reinstate a member, there shall be a two-thirds vote of the chapter's active members.

Section 9. Honorary membership may be bestowed on those persons who have made special continued contributions to the theatre programs of the University of West Georgia . Some special consideration however can be given to honor those who have made special contributions to the theatre community nationally.


Section 1. Only the President, Treasurer and Faculty Advisor shall have access to the account. Two authorized signatures are required for every financial transaction.

Section 2. The President, in conjunction with the Faculty Advisor and Treasurer, shall approve the spending of funds. Any purchases over $150.00 must be voted on by the general membership and passed by two-thirds of its members. Organization funds may be spent on items such as office supplies, events/activities, publicity, travel expense, conference fees, or anything deemed necessary in furthering the cause of the organization, but will not be used for anything illegal under Organization, University, Local, State, and Federal Laws.

Section 3. Signature authority shall be transferred at the end of spring semester before the end of finals. It is the outgoing Secretary's responsibility to secure the appropriate signatures and documents for the transfer.

Section 4. The budget and general use of money shall be voted on by the membership. Funding of trips to other chapters, conferences or special events shall be decided by the membership. In an extreme emergency, the Executive Committee may allot funds.

Section 5. In the event that the organization ceases to exist, any funds remaining in the organization's account shall be donated to the UWG Theatre Company.


Section 1. The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of all standing and ad-hoc committees.

Section 2. The standing committees of the fraternity shall be:
  1. Executive Committee. This committee shall consist of the elected officers and the Faculty Advisor. This committee shall handle all minor business arising between meetings. The President shall chair this committee.
  2. Special Events Committee. This committee shall plan and execute events throughout the year such as Award Ceremonies, Scavenger Hunt, etc. The Secretary shall chair this committee.
  3. Initiation Committee. This committee shall be responsible for planning and executing the orientation and initiation each semester. All correspondence to prospective members shall be handled through this committee. It shall work closely with the Membership Committee. The President shall chair this committee.
  4. Membership Committee. This committee will be chaired by the Vice President and composed of active members of the general membership and the Faculty Advisor. This committee will help determine eligibility keeping in accordance with the guidelines for members. The President of the pledge class will report to the Vice President on a weekly basis.
  5. Charity Committee. This committee shall be responsible for the distribution of time and collected Alpha Psi Omega funds to a deserving local charity. Every effort should be made to find a charity within the realm of the performing arts. The Treasurer will chair this committee.
Section 3. Any ad-hoc committees will be established as needed and abolished if and when they have completed their duties. The president shall appoint these committees, and the Executive Committee shall appoint the committee chairs.


Section 1. The President shall be in charge of calling meetings and the secretary shall be responsible for notifying all members. Members must be notified of meetings at least 48 hours in advance and shall be notified via e-mail and/or telephone.

Section 2. There shall be at least one meeting each month of both the general membership and a separate meeting of the executive committee. An effort should be made to tailor the meeting time to the schedule of the majority of members.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the President, or at the request of the Faculty Advisor.

Section 4. A quorum shall consist of a majority of active cast members. A quorum is needed to call a vote.


Section 1. The Faculty Advisor has no term limit, and must be a current UWG Theatre Faculty or Staff Member.

Section 2. The Faculty Advisor shall act as a liaison between the faculty and cast. He/She shall also serve as a mentor to the organization providing guidance to the officers and members.

Section 3. The Faculty Advisor is expected to be updated on the state of the organization, and is expected to attend all Executive Committee and attend other meetings as desired.

Section 4. The Faculty Advisor alone shall count ballots during elections.

Section 5. The Faculty Advisor shall have access to the cast account in case of an emergency.

Section 6. If problems arise between the Faculty Advisor and the student membership, the President and Vice-President shall seek objective counsel with a theatre faculty member outside the organization. The problems will then be discussed by the entire theatre faculty and a resolution will be brought forth to the membership.

Section 7. In the event that the Faculty Advisor resigns, the Executive Committee shall ask a different theatre faculty member to become their advisor within 14 calendar days.

External Affiliations

Alpha Psi Omega, Omicron Kappa Cast is affiliated with Alpha Psi Omega the National Theatre Honor Society as a chapter of the society. The cast may be incorporated with other theatres or large theatre corporations as deemed necessary by the chapter and approved by the department. There will be no merging with other organizations. Co-sponsoring of events, however, is allowed.

Programs and Services

The sponsorship of programs or services will be decided by a two-thirds vote of the members.


Section 1. All publications of the cast must comply with the "Advertising and Signs" guidelines set by the National Chapter.

Section 2. The President and Faculty Advisor must approve all publications prior to duplication and distribution. The department should also formally approve publications of the group.


To amend this constitution an issue must first be brought before the Executive Committee. The committee shall then decide if the issue should be brought before the Cast. The Cast can then vote and the amendment will be added upon a two-thirds vote in favor of the amendment.

Initiations, Fees, and Assessments

Section 1. The initiation ceremony will take place in April of each year. The Initiation Committee shall organize the ceremony.

Section 2. There shall be an initiation fee, which must be paid before any pledge can be initiated.

Section 3. Special assessments may be levied upon members only by a two-thirds vote of the active membership


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