Guest Artists Technology, Opportunity, Performance

The UWG Theatre Program invites other professional theatre artists on campus to create strong learning and contact opportunities for our students. The following is a list of guest artists who have come on campus to work with our students:

  • The Frantic Assembly, London, England - two day movement workshop
  • Jeffrey Hatcher, Playwright (Compleat Female Stage Beauty)
  • Barbara Lebow, playwright (Plumfield, Iraq)
  • Andrea Frye, Director, Flyin' West, Director, Pericles
  • Bill Bowers, Director, Scapin, Snapshot
  • Rosemary Newcott, the Sally G. Tomlinson Artistic Director of Theatre for Youth at the Alliance Theatre
  • Iris Middleton, choreographer
  • Mark Palladini, Casting Society Of America: Audition and Casting Workshop
  • Marguerite Hannah, Horizon Theatre Company, Casting
  • Spencer Stephens, Center for Puppetry Arts
  • Shelby Hofer and Agnes Harty: Metro Atlanta Job Contact
  • Scot Mann, The Society Of American Fight Directors: Basic Sword Combat Techniques
  • Matthew Simonelli: Guest Costume Designer(Breath Boom)
  • Melanie Lockridge: Guest Director (3 Postcards)
  • John Thigpen: Guest Scenic Designer (The Comedy Of Errors)
  • Joanna Schmink, United Scenic Artists: Guest Lecturer for Costume Design Portfolio Project Evaluation
  • Jody Feldman: Guest Lecturer for Acting 3 Audition Project
  • Michael Osment, Screen Actors' Guild: Surviving Hollywood
  • Gary Garrison: Guest Lecturer for Playwriting
  • Ken Weitzman: Guest Lecturer for Playwriting
  • Betty Hart, Casting Director & director for Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre: Guest Director(Dimly Perceived Threats to the System)
  • Bett Potazcek, Artistic Director of Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre: Guest Lecturer for Acting 3
  • Mira Hirsch, Artistic Director of Jewish Theatre of the South: Guest Lecturer for Acting 3


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