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Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Mission Statement

The Mission of the University of West Georgia Theatre Program is to educate and inspire students who wish to study the art of theatre. By offering a B.A. degree in theatre, we hope to provide students with a well-rounded education in all areas of theatre arts – production & performance (including acting, directing, and design/technical skills), literature, and history. Providing this type of education will empower individuals to seek careers in theatre, careers related to theatre or other professions.

Our specific goals include:
  • To maintain accreditation through NAST
  • To offer a theatre curriculum which is philosophically sound and reflects curricula offered by similar institutions
  • To adequately prepare students for continued study in advanced training programs
  • To present a season of diverse performances geared toward the education and entertainment of the community. Works performed should address issues important to contemporary society, include important plays from the history of theatre, reflect the cultural breakdown of our student population, and include (but not be limited to) the interests of the faculty and students
  • To actively recruit new students from Georgia and the southeast
  • To continue to develop new theatrical works in collaboration with other departments and other institutions
  • To develop relationships with Atlanta area theatre production companies to assist students in acquiring internships and regular employment

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NAST Self Study 2013
NAST Self Study 2008


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