To: General Faculty
From: Diane H. Sharp, Executive Secretary, Faculty Senate
Date: January 19, 2000
Regarding: Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting, 3:00 p.m., January 28, 2000,Room 312, Humanities Building

The agenda for January 28, 2000, Faculty Senate meeting will be as follows:
I.Call to Order
II.Roll Call
III.Approval of the Minutes for the November 19, 1999 Meeting (Attached).
IV.Committee Report:*Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs, Committee #1 (Chairperson: Ara Volkan)
Items Requiring Senate Action:

A. From the November 29, 2999 Meeting---

1.Change the name of the Department of “Computing” to “Computer Science”.The 2000-2001 catalog will be edited to reflect the change.
2.Delete:Computational Math Concentration (p. 200 in the 99-00 catalog). The 2000-2001 catalog will be edited to reflect the change.
3.Add: A minor in Africana Studies.

B. From the January 14, 2000 Meeting ---

A Sport Management Option in B.S. in Recreation (p. 4 in the 99-00 catalog), with a projected enrollment of 60 students.See: Item II.B Coll. Of Educ.3. below for the course additions.All 11 courses (including, internship, practicum, special topics, and independent study) require letter grades.Effective date is Fall 2000.
French with P-12 Cert. (to meet GBR mandates – p. 226 in the 99-00 catalog); Spanish with P-12 Cert. (to meet GBR mandates – p. 226 in the 99-00 catalog);
Secondary Ed. Program (to meet GBR mandates – p. 426 in the 99-00 catalog);
Special Ed./MR program (to meet GBR mandates – p. 450 in the 99-00 catalog);
Special Ed./Sp. Path. Prog. (to meet GBR mandates – p. 452 in the 99-00 catalog).

Items for Information Only:

A. From the November 29, 1999 Meeting –

The College of Arts & Sciences –

1.Art: Modify: ART 2012 (prerequisite).
2.Biology: Add: BIOL 4450.
3.Computing: Add: CS 4270.
                    Modify: CS 3371 (title and description); CS 3372 (title and description); CS 3373 (title and description).
4.English /Philosophy and History: (see item I.A.3. above).
5.Foreign Languages: Modify: GRMN 3101 (description) and GRMN 3102 (description).
6.Music: Modify: MUSC 2250 (credit, number, and description); MUSC 3900 (credit and description); MUSC 4000 (credit and description); MUSC 4011 (credit and description); MUSC 4021 (credit and description).
7.Psychology: Modify: PSYC 4884 (credits).
8.Soc/Anth/Crim:Add: CRIM 4250 and CRIM 4278.
Modify: Women’s Studies minor (delete the SOCI 2204 recommendation).

The Richards College of Business ---

1.Management and Bus. System:Add: ABED 4118 and ABED 4182.

The College of Education ---

1a.Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Education):
Add:SEED 2271.
Delete:SEED 4536.
ModifySEED 4538 (credit, title, number, description), SEED 4540 (credit, title, number, description), SEED 4542 (title, number, description), SEED 4543 (credit, title, number, description), SEED 4571 (credit, title, number, description), SEED4586-8 (credit, number, description), SEED 4586-8 (credit title, number, description), SEED 4586-8 (credit, title, number, description, SEED 4580 (title, number, description).
1b.Curriculum and instruction (K-12 Education):
Modify: PTED 3540 (number), PTED 3541 (number), PTED 4542 (number).
2.Physical Education and Recreation (Sport Management Option in B.S. in Recreation):
Add:SPMG 3600, SPMG 3660, SPMG 3661, SPMG 3663, SPMG 4660, SPMG 4665, SPMG 4667, SPMG 4670, SPMG 4681, SPMG 4685, and SPMG 4686.
3.Special Education – Mental Retardation:
Add:SPED 2704, SPED 3751, SPED 3752.
Delete:SPED 2701.
Modify:SPED 3701 (credit, prerequisites, description), SPED 3703 (credit, description), SPED 3705 (credit, prerequisites, description), SPED 3712 (credit, description), SPED 4706 (credit, prerequisites, description), SPED 4761 (credit, prerequisites, description), SPED 4762 (credit, prerequisites, description), SPED 4763 (credit, number, title, prerequisites, description), SPED 4764 (credit, number, title, prerequisites, description).
4.Special Education – Speech and Language Pathology:
Modify: SLPA 3790 (title, description, hours), SLPA 4790 (title, description, hours).


The revised Course/Program Change Request form presented for discussion/information only.

V.Committee Report:* Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Jack O. Jenkins)

Proposal for Master of Science degree in Computer Science (Attached).

VI.Old Business:None

VII.New Business: None

VIII.Announcements: Replacements and Additions for Senate and Senate Committees

Anthony Giovannitti (Math/Physics) to replace Magdy Metry on Senate and University Matters Committee – term ends June 2001

David Hulsey (Educational Leadership and Foundations) to replace Gary Wenzel on Senate and Institutional Studies and Planning Committee – term ends June 2001

Cynthia Jackson (Special Education/Speech Pathology) to replace Lynn Gaskin on Senate and Student Activities Committee – term ends June 2000

Susan Colgate (Honors College) to be added to the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee as Ex-Officio member

*Detailed information pertaining to committee recommendations is available for review in departmental offices (see secretary) and at the Special Collections and Archives ant the Reserve Desk of the Ingram Library.

**Please note that the next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled February 25, 2000, at 2000, at 3:00 p.m., in Humanities 312. The agenda deadline is February 14.