TO: General Faculty
FROM: Diane H. Sharp, Executive Secretary, Faculty Senate
DATE: June 10, 1999
REGARDING: Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting, 3:00 p.m., June 18, 1999
Humanities Building, Room 312

 The agenda for the June 18, 1999, Faculty Senate meeting will be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes for the April 23, 1999 Meeting (Attached).
  4. Committee Reports:*
    1. Committee on Student Activities, Committee #6 (Chairperson: Lynn Gaskin)
      1. Recommendation for the approval of revisions in The Uncatalog, Appendix A., in the following sections:
        2. HEARING PROCEDURES (See attached.)
        3. APPEALS (see attached.)
      2. Recommendation for the approval of revisions in the Registered Student Organizations Handbook in the section STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (See attached.)
    2. Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Jack Jenkins)

    3. For information:
      1. Minutes of Committee on Graduate Studies, March 3, 1999 (Attached)
      2. Members of the Committee on Graduate Studies 1999-2000 (Attached)
  5. Old Business: None
  6. New Business: None
  7. Announcements:

  8. Dr. Leticia Ekhaml will serve as Acting Secretary of the Faculty Senate from July 1 until August 16, 1999.  Please direct material for the Agenda of the July 16, 1999, meeting of the Senate to her in the Department of Research, Media and Technology.

    * Detailed information pertaining to committee recommendations is available for review in departmental offices (see secretary) and at the Special Collections and Archives and the Reserve Desk of the Ingram Library.

    ** Please note that the next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled June 18, 1999, at 3:00 p.m., in the Humanities Building, Room 312.