TO: General Faculty
FROM: Diane H. Sharp, Executive Secretary, Faculty Senate
DATE: November 15, 1999
REGARDING: Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting, 3:00 p.m., November 19, 1999, Lecture Hall, Richards College of Business

The agenda for the November 19, 1999, Faculty Senate meeting will be as follows:

I.      Call to Order
II.     Roll Call
III.   Approval o the Minutes for the October 15, 1999 Meeting (Attached).
IV.   Committee Reports:*

A. Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs, Committee #1(Chairperson: Ara Volkan)
The Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs recommends for Senate vote:

1. Change the name of the BBA in Administrative Systems to Technology Support Systems.
2. Place BIOL 1014 in Area D of the Core as a non-lab science.

For information only:

1. Removed from the table and approved:

Modifications to-MATH 2703 (title); MATH 3703 (title and description); MATH 3803 (title); and MATH 4753 (title and description).

Addition of -BIOL 1014; MATH 4713; MATH 4783 (with a friendly amendment that the number be changed to 4773); MATH 4853; MATH 4863; and SOCI 3100.

2. New Additions, Deletions, and Modifications from:

The College of Arts and Sciences-


a. Modify: ART 3701 (description); ART 3702 (description); ART 4703 (title and description); ART 4704 (description).


a. Add: BIOL 2134 and 2134L; BIOL 2135 and 2135L.
b. Delete: BIOL 2111 and 2111L; BIOL 2112 and 2112L.
c. Modify: BA degree program and BS degree program (exchange courses).

English and Philosophy:

a. Add: ENGL 4106 and XIDS 3300.
b. Delete: ENGL 4190.
c. Modify: ENGL 4300 (description).

Mass Communications and Theatre:

a. Modify: Theatre Minor.

Mathematics and Physics:

a. Modify: ENGR 1113 (number); ENGR 1170 (number); ENGR 3113 (prerequisites); MATH 2063 (description); MATH 3104 (prerequisites); MATH 4823 (prerequisites and description); MATH 4833 (prerequisites).

Sociology / Anthropology / Criminology:

a. Add: SOCI 4100.
b. Delete: CRIM 4249 and SOCI 4986.
c. Modify: BS degree in CRIM (delete two tracks); BA in SOCI (Area F, Major, Minor, and Electives and eliminate interdisciplinary minor; BS in SOCI (Major); ANTH 3180 (description); ANTH 4144 (title and description); CRIM 2271. (number).

The Richards College of Business-

a. Modify the BA in International Academic Affairs Degree Program by removing the requirement for a minor.  Students will have 4 electives instead.

Management and Business Information Systems:

a. The Administrative Systems Degree Program changes:
(1) Add: ABED 4186.
(2) Delete: ABED 4120.
(3) Modify: ABED 3104 (title and description); ABED 3106 (title and description); ABED 4117 (title and description).
b. The Business Information Systems Degree Program changes:
(1) Modify: CISM 3340 (prerequisite); CISM 3350 (title); CISM 4310 (prerequisite); CISM 4350 (prerequisite); CISM 4390 (title, prereq., descr.).
c. The Management Degree Program changes:
(1) Modify: MGNT 3615 (prerequisite) and MGNT 4660 (prerequisite).
The College of Education-
Special Education:

a. Add: SPED 4705; SPED 4765; and SPED 4791.
b. Modify: SPED 4789 (grading).

B. Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Dean Jack 0. Jenkins)
For information: Minutes of Committee on Graduate Studies, July 21, 1999.
V. Old Business: None

VI. New Business: None

VII.     Announcements: None

* Detailed information pertaining to committee recommendations is available for review in departmental offices (see secretary) and at the Special Collections and Archives and the Reserve Desk of the Ingram Library.

** Please note that the next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled December 9, 1999, at 3:00 p.m., in Humanities 312.