TO:  General Faculty
FROM: Diane H. Sharp, Executive Secretary, Faculty Senate
DATE: October 11, 1999
REGARDING: Agenda Faculty Senate Meeting, 3:00 p.m., October 15, 1999, Lecture Hall, Richards College of Business

The agenda for the October 15, 1999, Faculty Senate meeting will be as follows:

I.Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III.Approval of the Minutes for the June 18, 1999 Meeting (Attached).
IV. Committee Report:* Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs, Committee #1 (Chairperson: Ara Volkan)

The Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs recommends for Senate vote:

A. Modify/Create the following Programs/Majors/Concentrations:

From the October I meeting ----

1 . Modifications due to changes in teacher education rules -
a. BFA with a major in Art (Modify the existing Concentration in Art Education; p.154 of the 1999-2000 catalog).
b. BS in Biology major (Create a Secondary Education Track).
c. BS with a major in Earth Science (Modify existing Concentration in Certification in Secondary Education; p. 239 in of the 1999-2000 catalog).
d. BS degree in Political Science major (Create a Secondary Education Track).
2. Other modifications in programs -
a & b. Modify the BA degree for French and Spanish majors to integrate history, literary criticism, and a I -hour capstone course (p. 223 -224 in the catalog) in these majors.
c. Change the name of the Geology Department.
d. Modify the BS in Physics major (Plan C - Create a Concentration in Business for students who want to get an MBA after completing their BS degree program).
e. Modify the BS in Physics major (Plan D - Create a Concentration in Education for students who want to obtain a broad field science certification in education after completing their BS degree program.
For information only:
A. Minor Program Modifications:
From the May 7 meeting   ----

1. Modify the ANTH program (minor changes in the course list and add a requirement for minor; p. 148 of the catalog)
2. Modify the CHEM program (add CHEM 2411 to the minor course list; p. 188 of the catalog).

From the October I Meeting   ----

1,2 & 3. Create three categories/emphases within the BS in Physics allows the Department to place language in the catalog indicating courses to be taken for Computational Physics (Plan E), Electro-Optics (Plan F), and Solid State (Plan G).

B. Course additions:

From the May 7 meeting ----

1. ANTH 4881 (Independent Study)
2. CHEM 2083 (Selected Projects)
3. CHEM 3411 (Organic Chemistry I at 3000 level for ED majors and a CHEM minor)
4. CHEM 3411L (Lab section for the above course)
5. CHEM 4003 (History and Philosophy of Science; cross-listed as a chem. course)
6. POLS 4212 (State and Local Government Finance)
7. SOCI 4999 (Special Seminars)
From the October 1 meeting  ----
1.  ART 3012 - Art for Pre-K and Special Populations (3 hours).
2   FREN 4484 - Senior Capstone (I hour).
3.  SPAN 4484 - Senior Capstone (1 hour).

C. Course Deletions:

From the May 7 meeting ----

MATH 4073 (Mathematics Materials & Methods)

D. Course Modifications:

From the May 7 meeting ----

1. CHEM 1151, CHEM 1152, CHEM 1211, CHEM 1212 (combine lecture/labs for all)
2. COMM 3301, COMM 3352, COMM 4450, COMM 4451 (remove obsolete prerequisites)
3. POLS 4301 and POLS 4302 (change prerequisites)
4. PSYC 3310 and PSYC 4003 (change credit hours)

From the October 1 meeting   ----

1. ART 2010 (Credit, number, title, prerequisites)
2. ART 3010 (Number, title, catalog description, prerequisites)
3. ART 3011. (Catalog description, prerequisites)
4. ART 4010 (Catalog description, prerequisites)
5. ART 4505 (Credit - variable)
6&7 ENGL/PHIL 4381 (hours - variable)
8. FREN 4501 (Title)
9. SPAN 4501 (Title)

V. Old Business: None

VI. New Business: None

VII.    Announcements: None

*Detailed information pertaining to committee recommendations is available for review in departmental offices (see secretary) and at the Special Collections and Archives and the Reserve Desk of the Ingram Library.

**Please note that the next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled November 19, 1999, at 3:00
p.m., in the Lecture Hall, Richards College of Business.