DATE: June 18,1999

CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Beheruz Sethna, President, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M. in
Room) 12, Humanities Building

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jack Charlesworth, Ray Crook, Swarma Dutt, Larry Frazier, Lynne
Gaskin, Kathryn Grams, Farooq Khan, Cecilia Lee, Gwen McAlpine, Harrison McCraw, Faye
McIntyre, Magdy Metry, John Myers, Debbie Novak, Gary Wenzel, Jonathan Goldstein for
James Taylor.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the April 23,1999 meeting were approved.


I. Committee on Student Activities, Committee #6 (Chairperson: Lynne Gaskin)

Dr. Gaskin recommended the approval of revisions in the following sections of University documents:


Delete "on university premises or at university sponsored activities" and "on or near the campus" in Section 4.00 Disorderly Conduct, .01, .02; Section 7.00 Alcoholic Beverages, .01, .03,.05,.06; Section 8.00 Drugs, .01, .02; Section 11.00 Theft, .01; Section 12.00 Misuse of Property; and Section 14.00 Identification Cards .02. Changes requested are to more clearly give university personnel authority to deal with off-campus behavior problems that affect the university community.

B. The Uncatalog, Appendix A, HEARING PROCEDURES (See attached.)

Delete guideline (d). to open disciplinary records and hearings (but not deliberations) in order to comply with the Georgia Open Records and Meetings Act.

C. The Uncatalog, Appendix A, APPEALS (See attached.)

Delete the first sentence and the first nine words of the second sentence of the fourth paragraph, and replace them with "Within five days of receiving the appeal, the President will appoint a committee..." Changes are for clarification and to explain the five day appeals process.

D. Registered Student Organizations Handbook, STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (See attached.)

Add a sentence at the end of the first paragraph to read, "Student organizations should realize that they may be held accountable through the university discipline system for their behavior, whether on or off campus, when an offense is directed at the university, a member of the university community, or another student organization and is a violation of the Student Conduct Code or the Registered Student Organization Code of Conduct." Changes requested are to more clearly give university personnel authority to deal with off-campus behavior problems that affect the university conununity.

After several questions on wording, the motion passed.

II. Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson.- Jack Jenkins)
Dr. Jenkins presented the following for information:

A. Minutes of Committee on Graduate Studies, March 3, 1999 (Attached)
B. Members of the Committee on Graduate Studies 1999-2000 (Attached)


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Sethna made the following announcements concerning the June 9,
1999, meeting of the Board of Regents:

I. Approval of doctoral program in School Improvement.  With the approval of this program, the State University of West Georgia is the only state university with a doctoral program.  It will be a collaborative program with partner schools and units of the institution.
II. $26,000,000 Rmding for a Health, Wellness, and Lifelong Leaming Center.  The new building will be used for programs in Physical Education, Nursing and Continuing Education and Lifelong Leaming.  He also mentioned a previously approved item$5,000,000 funding for renovation of Adamson Hall.  The renovated building will house the Small Business Development Center and, until the Health Wellness and Lifelong Leaming Center is completed, the Department of Continuing Education and Lifelong Leaming.  The building will eventually become the second building of the College of Business.

III.  Approval to set up an Honors College.  This will be the only honors college in the state.  Dr. Hynes said that he would place information about the program on the Vice President's web site.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.

Diane H. Sharp
Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate