(Approved June 18,1999)

 Date: April 23,1999

CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Beheruz Sethna, President, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M. in Room 312, Humanities Building.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Ozzie Binion, Susan Boes, David Boldt, Jim Burton, Jack Charleswork, Swanna Dutt, Larry Frazier, Lynne Gaskin, Kathryn Grams, Bob Hilliard, Joan Hubbard, Farooq Khan, Cecilia Lee, Will Lloyd, Gwen McAlpine, Mark McManus, Elena Mustakova-Possardt, David Osborne, James Taylor, Ara Volkan, Kevin Denelsbeck for Magdy Metry, David Hulsey for Gary Wenzel.

CORRECTION OF AGENDA: Item III.  February 26,1998 was corrected to 1999.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the February 26,1999 meeting were approved.

Committee on Faculty and Administrative Staff Personnel, Committee #3 (Chairperson.- Chris Huff)
Dr. Boldt of the FASP Conunittee recommended the following of changes to the Faculty Handbook:
  1. Section 103.06: (See attached)
  2. Section 201.05: (See attached)
. Discussion on student evaluations included questions of their use during the summer semester, possible violation of the Georgia Open Records Law, the definition of "final week of class," interpretations by department chairs, and the statistical validity of the instrument.
The motion passed.
Committee on Learning Resources, Committee #4 (Chairperson: Cecilia Lee)
Dr. Lee presented the Faculty Research Grant Awards for 1999-2000 (See attached).  The senate approved the recommendations.
Committee on Student Services, Committee #5 (Chairperson: Will Lloyd)
Dr. Lloyd presented the following recommendations:
  1. Change the "Satisfactory Academic Progress Required To Continue Financial Aid" policy to require that a student complete 67% of all coursework completed during the academic year (See attached).

  2. The motion passed.
  3. Change the University's Campus HIV/AIDS policy to bring it into compliance with Georgia law (See attached).

  4. The motion passed.
  5. To replace the University's current statement on the confidentiality of student records with the statement, "Annual Notification of Rights Under FERPA." (See attached).

  6. Registrar, Bonnie Stevens, discussed rights of students to inspect education records and to file requests for non-disclosure.
    The motion passed.
Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Jack Jenkins)
Dr. Jenkins presented for information the minutes of the Committee on Graduate Studies, for November 11, 1998, and February 17, 1999 (Attached).



  1. Executive Secretary, Diane Sharp, presented a list of senators and standing committee appointments for 1999-2000.  A complete list will be sent to the faculty after all positions are filled. (See Attached)
  1. Dr. Sharp presented the proposed meeting dates for 1999-2000 (See Attached).
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

Diane H. Sharp
Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate