(Approved May 29, 1998)

DATE: April 24, 1998

CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Beheruz Sethna, President, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M. in the Humanities Building, Room 312.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Sheila Abraham, Ozzie Binion, Jim Burton, Jack Charlesworth, Alisa Coleman, Larry Frazier, Bob Hilliard, Cecilia Lee, Will Lloyd, Marc Miller, Faramarz Parsa, Winston Pickett, Dawn Putney, Robert Sanders, Carole Scott, Salil Talpade, James Taylor,Carol Vanzile-Tamsen for Susan Boes, Ronnie Akers for Lynn Gaskin, Lisa Mills for Kathern Grams, and Michael Crafton for Randy Hendricks.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the February 27, 1998 meeting were approved.


  1. Committee on Student Activities, Committee # 6 (Chairperson: Steve Taylor)



    Dr. Steve Taylor requested that the Faculty Senate affirm and support the attached statement on academic honor. Student Government Representatives and members of the Senate served on the committee that drafted the statement. Support from the Faculty Senate was unanimous.

  3. Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Jack Jenkins)
Dr. Michael Crafton represented Dr. Jack Jenkins and presented the minutes of the November 12, 1997 meeting of the Graduate Committee for information. OLD BUSINESS: None


Dr. Thomas Hynes and Dr. Will Lloyd, Chairperson of the Committee, discussed the Preliminary Report of the Technology Planning Committee (Attached). Representatives from the Committee have been available to meet with academic departments, other units of the University, Student Government and the Honors Council to consider proposals for modifying the report. The work of the committee is based on the premise that information technology is as inevitable part of the future and it is the responsibility of the University to accommodate this environment. In addition, accreditation requires documentation of student computer competency. Computers are now a continuing investment where they once were a fixed cost and each decision has budgetary ramifications. Concerns of students and faculty were discussed. There will be no requirement to use computers in all classes. Departments will make the decision about how to assure computer competency in their students. There needs to be a focus on faculty development in the use of information technology. Leasing equipment rather than purchasing was discussed. Concern was expressed about faculty=s many responsibilities. It was suggested that technology initially costs time but eventually in the long run saves time. The use of support services can ease the preparation for use of information technology. The Committee welcomes comments. In the future the Senate will have the opportunity to discuss its committee structure and will need to decide which committee has the responsibility to oversee technology development. Christy Varnadore, Student Government representative, expressed the students= appreciation of this effort. She stated that she had recently attended a meeting of the Georgia Honors Council at Clayton State University and all the desks had lap top plug-ins and most presentations were made with power-point. Dr. Cecilia Lee stated that the foreign language lab was closed and that the current lab situation does not meet the needs of the foreign language students. Dr. Winston Pickett stated that we need a plan where technology serves us rather than us serving it. Secretary Marie Guynn suggested that a way needs to be found to place Faculty Senate business on the web. Dr. Robert Sanders agreed to follow-up on posting Senate business on the internet. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Hynes distributed a Board of Regents= document entitled Principles for the Preparation of Educators for the Schools and suggested the Senate members read the report (Attached).

Dr. John vonEschenbach, interim chair, explained the rationale for the name change of the Department of Childhood Education and Reading in the College of Education to the Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, and Reading Education.

Dr. Marc Miller announced that the Department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Business received separate accreditation from AACSB. This includes the Department in the top 7% of accounting departments in the nation.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie Guynn

Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate