DATE: February 26,1999

CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Beheruz Sethna, President, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M. in Room 312, Humanities Building.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Sheila Abraham, Ozzie Binion, Susan Boes, David Boldt, Jim Burton, Ray Crook, Swarma Dutt, Larry Frazier, Lynne Gaskin, Randy Hendricks, Bob Hilliard, Joan Hubbard, Chris Huff, Farooq Khan, Cecilia Lee, Magdy Metry, Gwen McAlpine, Mark McManus, Marc Miller, John Myers, James Taylor, Ara Volkan.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the November 20, 1998 meeting were corrected (Item A. 3. Change ACCT 4571 to FINC 4571; Item A. 5. Change ECOM to ECON) and approved (Miller).


  1. Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs, Committee #1 (Chairperson: Mark McManus)

  2. Mr. McManus submitted the following for information:
    1. College of Arts and Sciences:

    2. 1. Add Writing Across the Curriculum XIDS 4100/5100
        1. Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice:

        2. Additions:
          ANTH 2001 Case Studies in Archaeology
          ANTH 2002 Case Studies in Sociocultural Anthropology
          ANTH 2100 Archaeology Field School
          ANTH 4117 Archaeology of Georgia*
          ANTH 4134 Animals and Culture
          ANTH 4144 People and Culture of Latin America*
          ANTH 4170 Myth, Magic and Religion*
          ANTH 4175 Ethnohistory*
          SOCI 4204 Women in American Society*.
          * Will also go to Committee on Graduate Studies.

          ANTH 3102 Archaeological Field Research
          ANTH 3155 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
          ANTH 3188 Ethnographic Field Notes
          ANTH 4120 Indians of SE United States
          SOCI 2203 Introduction to Women's Studies.

        3. Biology

        4. Additions:
          BIOL 1010L Fundamentals of Biology Lab
          BIOL 1107L Principles of Biology I Lab
          BIOL 1108L Principles of Biology II Lab
          BIOL 2021L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
          BIOL 2022L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
          BIOL 2030L Medical Microbiology Lab
          BIOL 2111L Molecular Cell Biology I Lab
          BIOL 2112L Molecular Cell Biology II Lab
          BIOL 3012L Molecular Cell Biology II Lab
          BIOL 2983 Sophomore Biology Research
          BIOL 2985 Special Topics in Biology
          BIOL 3983 Junior Biology Research
          BIOL 4983 Senior Biology Research

          BIOL 1010 Fundamentals of Biology
          BIOL 1107 Principles of Biology I
          BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II
          BIOL 2021 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
          BIOL 2022 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
          BIOL 2030 Medical Microbiology
          BIOL 2111 Molecular Cell Biology I
          BIOL 2112 Molecular Cell Biology II
          BIOL 3012 Molecular Cell Biology II

        5. Nursing

        6. Modifications:
          NURS 3132 Adult Health I
          NURS 3142 Nursing Practice
          (Essentially deleting these two courses and adding NURS 3154 Introduction to Nursing Practice.)
        7. Physics

        8. Addition: PHYS 3424 Advanced Optics

          PHYS 2212 Principles of Physics II
          PHYS 2313 Astronomy
          PHYS 2313L Astronomy Laboratory
          PHYS 3033 Topics in Astronomy
          PHYS 3511 Experimental Physics I
          PHYS 3521 Experimental Physics II

        9. Foreign Languages

        10. Deletions:
          CHIN 1001 Elementary Chinese I
          CHIN 1002 Elementary Chinese II
          CHIN 2001 Intermediate Chinese I
          CHIN 2002 Intermediate Chinese II
          CHIN 4000 Chinese Literature in Translation
          JAPN 1001 Elementary Japanese I
          JAPN 1002 Elementary Japanese II
          JAPN 2001 Intermediate Japanese I
          JAPN 2002 Intermediate Japanese II
          JAPN 3400 Japanese for Careers


          FREN 4785 Special Topics in French
          GRMN 4785 Special Topics in German
          LATN 4785 Special Topics in Latin
          SPAN 4785 Special Topics in Spanish
    3. Richards College of Business:

      1. Economics

      2. Modifications:
        ECON 3402 Statistics for Business and Economics
        ECON 3406/MGNT 3606 Quantitative Methods and Applications for Business
      3. Management/Business Systems

      4. Modification: CISM 2201 Fundamentals of Computer Applications
    5. College of Education:
    Change/modify prerequisites for
    PHED 4686/87/88
    PHED 4608
    PHED 3618
    PHED 4625
    PHED 4603
    PHED 3603
    PHED 4689
    EIDS 2100
    Mr. McManus presented the following items for action by the Faculty Senate:
  1. Add CS 2000 to Core Area D-2 for Science majors.

  2. Dr. Hynes asked if the addition of this course would have implications for Bachelor of Science students taking Calculus. Mr. McManus replied that there would be no net effect. All Department Chairs involved had endorsed the proposal. The motion passed.
  3. Accounting and Finance: Endorsement of a Certificate of Recognition for voluntary 5th year, post-baccalaureate work (9 hours) taken to qualify for CPA examination.
There was a great deal of discussion on whether the use of certificates should come before the Senate for approval. Dr. Sethna said that endorsement of this certificate should not imply that the Senate should vote on all certificates. He furthermore stated that approval couldn't be used to create a program. Dr. Hynes offered to check into the practice of granting certificates throughout the System.

Executive Secretary, Dr. Sharp, pointed out that, according to an email message from Dr. Volkan, the correct number of hours for the certificate should be 30 hours. Dr. Volkan said to remove the phrase "(9 hours)."

There was further discussion of the definition of "post-baccalaureate" and about whether they should be graduate fees. This term does not seem to be consistent across campus. Dr. Hynes asked whether "post-baccalaureate" students should be charged graduate fees.

Several Senators wanted to make changes in the wording of the motion, but Dr. Hynes pointed out that, according to the Bylaws, the Senate could defeat a motion of a committee, but not amend it. Dr. Sethna recommended changing the wording concerning amendments of the Bylaws.

Mr. McManus pointed out that the committee did not vote on the particular language of the motion. The committee endorsed the idea of the certificate, and he did the wording.

Dr. Burton's motion to call the question passed.

The proposal of the committee to endorse the certificate, with the deletion of the phrase "(9 hours)" passed. Dr. Sethna said that, in his communications about the matter, Dr. Volkan should phrase the final statement to reflect the discussion at the Senate meeting, which was in favor of deleting references to "5th year" and "post-baccalaureate work." Dr. Volkan so agreed.

  1. Committee on Faculty and Administrative Staff Personnel, Committee #3 (Chairperson: Sheila Abraham)
Dr. Abraham moved that the Senate accept modifications in the Post-Tenure Review policy (see attached).
  1. Section 102.02 B: Change the name to Pre-Tenure Review. Several senators questioned use of the word "tenure" and the implications for litigation. Dr. Hynes said that possible litigation should not be taken into account.

  2. Dr. Frazier pointed out that the handbook is not consistent with what Advisory Review Committees do, and that the name change further muddles the handbook in regard to committees in general because similar language is used for all advisory committees. Dr. Hynes recommended that the FASP committee look into whether the separate committees for the functions of promotion, tenure, pre-tenure, and post tenure should all follow the same rules.

    The motion passed.

  3. Section 102.02 B: Revise the section 102.02 B.
The substantial changes are the sentences, "No department chair may serve on a Pre-Tenure Review Committee." And "In addition, The Department chair and the Dean of the College (or Library Director) will each provide a separate written report as to the progress of the faculty member toward promotion and/or tenure. The faculty member under review shall receive written copies of the reports prepared by the Pre-Tenure Review Committee, the Department Chair, and the College Dean (or Library Director)."

Discussion centered on the participation of the Department Chairs on the Pre-Tenure Review Committee. Several senators pointed out that Chairs have a separate voice.

The motion passed.

  1. Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Jack Jenkins)
Dr. LaFountain presented the Minutes of Committee on Graduate Studies, September 9, 1998, for information. OLD BUSINESS: None

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion of problems in the Statutes concerning the assignment of a

Library Senator to the Learning Resources Committee.

Dr. Sharp explained that the Statutes prohibit a faculty member from serving on more than one Senate Committee. In the Learning Resources Committee an Arts and Sciences Senator is serving in a position allocated by the Statutes to a Library Senator. There are not enough Library Senators to fill the spaces required by the Statutes without one of them serving on two Senate Committees. Dr. Hynes said that the Statutes will have to be changed to allow Senators to serve on two committees or the number of Library Senators will have to be increased. Mr. McManus suggested a rotating position. Dr. Sethna asked the University Matters Committees look into this problem. The Senate agreed to allow the Executive Secretary to make a temporary adjustment.


  1. Dr. Sethna told the Senate that a Y2K Committee is exploring contingency plans for the Y2K problem. He does not plan to cancel classes, even if computers are not working, or the power is off. He asked that course syllabi be printed and duplicated and that books be ordered before the break in December.
  2. Dr. Sethna discussed the increased student workload caused by semester conversion and asked that the faculty design their courses in accordance with the shorter number of minutes that classes meet under the semester system. The undergraduate average GPA for fall semester has decreased by 0.174. The GPA of those undergraduates with less than 2.0 increased, those with GPA of 2-3 decreased, those with a 3.0 or better went from 3.44 to 3.10.
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 4:15 P.M.

Diane H. Sharp

Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate