DATE: May 29,1998

CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Beheruz Sethna, President, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M. in the Humanities Building, Room 312.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Sheila Abraham, Ozzie Binion, Susan Boes, Jim Burton, Mike Cass, J. Alisa Coleman, Larry Frazier, Lynne Gaskin, Carol Goodson, Kathryn Grams, Randy Hendricks, Bob Hilliard, Andrew Leavitt, Cecilia Lee, Will Lloyd, Mark McManus, Marc Miller, Dawn Putney, Robert Sanders, Carole Scott, Salil Talpade, James Taylor, Mary Wulff for Jack Charlesworth, Don Medeiros for Tobin Hart, Gwen McAlpine for Winston Pickett, and Royce Chaffin for Ara Volkan

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the April 24,1998 meeting were approved.


I. Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs, Committee #1 (Chairperson: Susan Boes)

Dr. Boes submitted the following for information only:

  1. The committee accepted the following course proposal changes for semester conversion from the College of Arts and Sciences.
    1. Modify credit hours for the minor in Political Science B.A. degree
      Modify requirements for the minor in Political Science
      Discontinue ENGL 2170 Studies in Literature
      Discontinue HIST 4429/5529 Intro to South & SE Asia (4429 only)
      Add NURS 4485 Special Topics in Nursing
      Add NURS 4481 Independent Study in Nursing
  2. The committee elected Mark McManus as chair and Ara Volkan as secretary for 1998-99.
II. Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures, Committee #2 (Chairperson: Marc Miller)
    Dr. Miller presented the following items for information:
  1. The AP&P committee voted to endorse the 1999-2000 calendar ( Attached).

  2. Andy Leavitt expressed concern that spring break would not coincide with that of the local school systems. Several faculty have expressed concern that this would interfere with family activities and present day-care problems. Dr. Miller stated that the committee had discussed this issue and had decided to endorse this calendar because the city and county school have separate breaks and they change from year to year. David Parkman replied that the city system planned to delay spring break next year in order to allow more teaching time prior to standardized testing.

    Dr. Leavitt also requested information concerning the reason the academic calendar was an information only item for the Faculty Senate. Dr. Miller stated that the calendar was an administrative responsibility. Dr. Bruce Lyon stated that the calendar was pretty much set by the University System. According to the State University of West Georgia Statutes the calendar is the responsibility of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. In practice the calendar is determined in consultation with the Registrar, Student Services, Academic Affairs, and the President.

    Dr. Sethna stated that the University consulted with both the city and county school superintendents when determining the first semester calendar. They stated that they do not know from year to year when their spring break will be held, and declined his invitation to coordinate the calendar.

    Steve Taylor stated that Fall Semester will be difficult because there are 11 - 12 weeks without a break. Some systems have a break in October.

    Dr. Miller replied that all these factors had been considered by the committee and that this calendar seemed the best choice.

  1. The AP&P committee voted to endorse the admission criteria for Summer/Fall 1998 (Attached).
III. Committee on Faculty and Administrative Staff Personnel, Committee #3 (Chairperson: Carol Goodson) IV. Committee on Learning Resources, Committee #4 (Chairperson: Robert Sanders) V. Committee on University Matters, Committee #7 (Chairperson: Jim Burton)
  1. Dr. Burton moved the Senate accept the following recommendation:
  2. While the Board of Regents has decided on a ten-month pay period for nine month faculty, the University Matters Committee recommends that the pay day occur on the last working day of each month. The Committee applauds our Administration's efforts to achieve an optional pay plan of nine months or twelve months, which the Board rejected; however, the Committee suggests that our President make this same optional pay period request to the Board again within the next twelve months.

    Dr. Sethna replied that he would continue to raise this issue.

    Dr. Leavitt requested information about payday in December. Bill Gauthier replied that the last working day would be either December 23rd or 24th.

    Dr. Leavitt stated that traditionally payday had been moved from the last of the month so that money would be available at the beginning of the month to pay bills.

    Dr. Sethna replied that this presented a problem at the beginning of the year as new faculty could not be processed in time to get the first pay check. Also, some faculty who were unhappy have left the University following receipt of their pay, without completing their responsibilities.

    Dr. Sethna stated that he had requested Ray Christie to compute the amount of interest lost due to the change in the pay schedule. Mr. Christie calculated that the amount lost to the average faculty member due to foregone interest is $10.32 per year. The gain to the average faculty member under the new system, assuming all monies are invested, would be $99.10. The net gain would be $84.15.

    Mr. Gauthier encouraged all faculty to sign up for direct deposit. Your money is guaranteed to be available at 8:00 A.M. the day of payday. A payday calendar will be available in a few days. In August, faculty will get information about direct deposit and participating in a credit union.

    The motion passed unanimously.

  3. Dr. Burton moved to change the name of the Committee to University Matters Committee.

  4. The motion passed unanimously.
VI. Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee #10 (Chairperson: Jack Jenkins) OLD BUSINESS: None


I. A tentative list of Senators and standing committee appointments for 1998/99 was distributed.

II. A list of proposed meeting dates for 1998/1999 was approved. (Attached)

III. An election for the position of Executive Secretary for 1998/1999 was held. Nominees were as follows:

Dawn Putney read a statement from Judith Manthei stating she would not serve if elected.

Diane Sharp was elected by secret ballot to the position.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie Guynn
Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate