DATE: November 19,1999

CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Thomas J. Hynes, Jr., Acting President, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M. in the Lecture Hall, Richards College of Business.

MEMBERS PRESENT: David Boldt, Patricia Campbell, Jack Charlesworth, Tim Chowns, Ray Crook, Swarma Dutt, Larry Frazier, Lynn Gaskin, Ted Hill, Bob Hilliard, Cecilia Lee, Harrison McCraw, Faye McIntyre, John Myers, Debbie Novak, David Osborne, Danny Sharpe, James Taylor, Ara Volkan, Gary Wenzel, Mary Beth Wulff, Bill Lankford for Joan Hubbard, Letty Bridges or Gwen McAlpine.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the October 15, 1999 meeting were approved. (McCraw)


I.Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs, Committee #1 (Chairperson: Ara Volkan)

Dr. Volkan asked that the following item on page 3 of the Agenda be removed: (1) Add: ABED 4186, under a. The Administrative Systems Degree Program changes.

The Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs recommended for Senate vote:

A.Change the name of the BBA in Administrative Systems to Technology Support Systems.

The motion passed.

B.Place BIOL 10 1 4 in Area D of the Core as a non-lab science.

The motion passed.

Dr. Volkan presented the following for information only:

A.Removed from the table and approved:

Modifications to-MATH 2703 (title); MATH 3703 (title and description); MATH 3803 (title); and MATH 4753 (title and description).

Addition of -BIOL 1014; MATH 4713; MATH 4783 (with a friendly amendment that the number be changed to 4773); MATH 4853; MATH 4863; and SOCI 3 1 00.

B.New Additions, Deletions, and Modifications from:

The College of Arts and Sciences-


Modify: ART 3701 (description); ART 3702 (description); ART 4703 (title and description); ART 4704 (description).


1Add: BIOL 2134 and 2134L; BIOL 2135 and 2135L.

2Delete: BIOL 21 11 and 21 1 IL; BIOL 2112 and 2112L.

3Modify: BA degree program and BS degree program (exchange courses).

English and Philosophy:

1Add: ENGL 4106 and XIDS 3300.

2Delete: ENGL 4190.

3Modify: ENGL 4300 (description).

Mass Communications and Theatre:

Modify: Theatre Minor.

Mathematics and Physics:

Modify:ENGR 1113 (number); ENGR 1170 (number); ENGR 3113 (prerequisites); MATH 2063 (description); MATH 3104 (prerequisites); MATH 4823 (prerequisites and description); MATH 4833 (prerequisites).

Sociology / Anthropology / Criminology:
1Add: SOCI 4100.


2Delete: CRIM 4249 and SOCI 4986.

3Modify: BS degree in CRIM (delete two tracks); BA in SOCI (Area F, Major, Minor, and Electives and eliminate interdisciplinary minor; BS in SOCI (Major); ANTH 3180 (description); ANTH 4144 (title and description); CRIM 2271 (number).

The Richards College of Business-


Modify the BA in International Academic Affairs Degree Program by removing the requirement for a minor.Students will have 4 electives instead.

Management and Business Information Systems:

1The Administrative Systems Degree Program changes:

aDelete: ABED 4120.

bModify: ABED 3104 (title and description); ABED 3106 (title and description); ABED 4117 (title and description).

2The Business Information Systems Degree Program changes:

Modify: CISM 3340 (prerequisite); CISM 3350 (title); CISM 4310 (prerequisite); CISM 4350 (prerequisite); CISM 4390 (title, prereq., descr.).

3The Management Degree Program changes:

Modify: MGNT 3615 (prerequisite) and MGNT 4660 (prerequisite).

The College of Education-

Special Education:

1Add: SPED 4705; SPED 4765; and SPED 4791.

2Modify: SPED 4789 (grading).

II.Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee # 10 (Chairperson: Dean Jack 0. Jenkins)

Dr. Jenkins presented the July 21, 1999 minutes of the Committee on Graduate Studies as an item of information.




Dr. Crook asked about the criteria used for designation of "information only" items and "items for action." Following discussion, Dr. Crook moved that the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs be charged to recommend operational definitions of substantive and nonsubstantive changes and thus distinctions among recommendations requiring senate action and those presented as information only.


The motion passed.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:Dr. Hynes announced the following:

I.Consultants for the university planning process are being selected according to recommendations of the National Association of University Planners and the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools.They will be asked to assist us in focusing our planning processes.

II.During the next six months, campus-wide conversations will occur, including the Senate conversations about ways to contribute to improving retention.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:35 P.M.

Diane H. Sharp

Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate