Guidelines for Honorary Degrees

  1. University of West Georgia will recommend to the Board of Regents one honorary degree for each academic year.  The degree will normally be conferred in May.  The recipient must be present to receive the degree.
  2. The basic criteria for an honorary degree recipient shall be notable achievement in an academic field, the arts and letters, the professions, or public service.
  3. An Honorary Degree Committee will be appointed that shall consist of four members of the faculty and the Deans of Arts and Science, Business, Education and Honors College.  The committee will be chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  4. This committee will meet during the spring quarter and solicit nominations from the university community.  A nomination must be in the form of a letter supplemented by supporting material.  The nomination letter shall explain the reasons for recommending the prospective candidate.  The committee will complete its work by April 15, and submit three (3) nominations to the President.
  5. Each nomination recommended to the President will define why University of West Georgia should award an honorary degree to the nominee.  The nomination will delineate the accomplishment of the nominee.
  6. Current elected or appointed officials of the state of Georgia (including Regents) to whom the University System and/or the universities are directly or indirectly answerable are ineligible for honorary degrees.  The same exclusion applies to current elected or appointed national office holders and persons who are announced candidates for elective office in the state or nation.  Current faculty members, administrative officers of the universities and the System, and other university and System employees are also ineligible; other special awards, such as institutional teaching or service awards, or emeritus titles, are the appropriate means of recognizing special achievements by such persons.
  7. Upon receipt of a recommendation from the university committee, the President shall consult with the President's Advisory Council.  The President shall select one name and then consult with University System staff to insure that there is no duplication of candidates, select an honorary degree candidate from among those recommended, and communicate that name to the Chancellor, who shall make a recommendation to the Board of Regents.  The final decision shall rest with the Board of Regents, and no announcement of a pending candidacy shall be made prior to its formal recommendation to the Board.