Wesley Steverson looking to handsome as ever.
  • University of West Georgia Graduate
  • Microsoft Certified: Technology Specialist

Computer Experience

Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003 - 2008), Microsoft Office, all modern browsers, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008 IIS, Active Directory, Moodle, MDID, WASS, OpenText, FacTools, Active Data Calendar, LiquidPlanner, Numara, Blackboard, Camtasia, Audio/Visual Installation, Wireless technology (Engenius), Shoutcast Online Radio Streaming

Relevant Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of web related technologies and current coding practices.
  • Installed, implemented and administered a number of internet based programs.
  • Provided training and lead support to faculty, staff, students, and consultants of UWG.
  • Created and enhanced training material for multiple internet based programs.
  • Provided a project management plan for and managed the progress of a number of internet based programs that were in development simultaneously.

Professional Experience

University of West Georgia - Web Associate

  • Created, altered, and installed multiple web programs to assist all departments with varying types of web presence; data maintenance and organization; and online scheduling of events, appointments, and rooms.
  • Organized the migration of a number of department websites into the OpenText CMS and maintained websites that are currently within this CMS.
  • Researched and implemented new technology that would alleviate the issues some departments were having with scheduling and data maintenance.
  • Completed or mitigated the service tickets and requests amongst the web innovations group
  • Trained multiple employees across many of the departments in a wide array of web technologies. These training sessions varied from large groups to one-on-one sessions.
  • Created new classes for training and improved the current training material. Managed the schedule of the training classes per semester
  • Provided advice and services to help improve the layout, look and feel, usability, and SEO of a number of department and personal faculty websites.

Nistworks Internet Technology Group – Developer / Technician

  • Developed modern websites and web applications using a number of programming languages, mainly PHP, CMS, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery.
  • Coordinated the time of Nistworks employees and the budget of a varying array of projects including web technologies (web hosting, website construction, video and live audio streaming), single server networking, wireless technology installation, client computer support, and video / audio technology installation.
  • Reviewed and troubleshot all websites, web applications, and wireless technology installation before passing the product to the customer.
  • Evaluated the products and services that were being offered to customers and assisted in providing suggestions to improve the customer experience.
  • Provided professional advice and training to all Nistworks customers with problems ranging from desktop support to best maintaining wireless connectivity.

Brighton Junior English School – Native English Teacher

  • Planned the curriculum of each class, keeping a strict adherence to time management and student experience.
  • Maintained the environment of the classroom, assisting in the student’s retention of the material and allowing the class to cover the required assignments.
  • Efficiently and creatively conveyed the subject material in a manner that was simple for students to understand.
  • Using a number of variables in student performance, created a grade assessment that efficiently recognized the student’s strengths and offered suggestions of improvements for the student’s weaknesses.