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Text and required material for Public Speaking

Stephen E. Lucas, The Art of Public Speaking, 11th Edition, 4 x 6 index cards, large manilla envelope, blank video recording medium (to be specified later); materials for visual aids; registration for Connect Lucas! (included in new textbooks purchased from the university's bookstore).

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Available training

Some of the following tutorials have sound, so you will need speakers or a headset to watch them.

If you cannot see the full video image, try watching in full-screen mode. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer use F11 to toggle between full-screen and regular modes. Also, try zooming out. In both Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, press View, Zoom, Zoom out. You may need to zoom out more than once. In IE 8 and some earlier versions, you can also zoom out by pressing the magnifying glass in the lower righthand corner of the browser.

Some files are quite large. Download time may be significant on slow connections.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Logging in to CourseDen/WebCT (Does not have sound.)

Evaluating web sources: Why and how (Has sound; you will need speakers or a headset.)

Course orientation (Has sound in a video clip; you will need speakers or a headset.)

Creating outlines in Word (Does not have sound.)

Outlining (All three outlining tutorials have sound; you will need speakers or a headset.)
  Preparing the preparation outline
  Preparing the speaking outline

Taking a Quiz in CourseDen (Has sound; you will need speakers or a headset.)

How to Create a Hanging Indent in Word 2007 (does not have sound)