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Autumn King - Class of 2015

Image of Autumn KingAfter graduating in Anthropology at UWG, Autumn started working at a bank, where she is now a Lead Relationship Banker (better known as Assistant Branch Manager). She says Anthropology has contributed to her career because she interviews, builds rapports, and handles confidential information daily. Not only is she expected, as an employee, to know her customers on a professional and personal basis, however, it is her job to provide customers with the best financial opportunities for their life style, life changes, and betterment as a whole. She deal with individuals from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and financial stages. Each customer has a different view on money and finances, and she has to personalize each plan based upon the individual. She likes to look at her customers in more of a "holistic" view, rather than just scraping the surface and emphasizes that while our technological advances are improving in the banking world, our human connection is what will keep any company thriving.

Erin Whitfield - Class of 2014

Image of Erin WhitfieldGraduating from the UWG Anthropology program in 2014, Erin Whitfield was determined to have a career in primatology. Studying and working with primates was what she wanted to do her whole life. She got her first job right out college at the Tulane National Primate Research Center as an animal care technician. She now works as a lead animal behavior management specialist at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, gathering data on animal behavior and promoting their welfare.

Siska Williams - Class of 2005

Image of Siska WilliamsSiska's love for Anthropology motivated her to pursue her dream of becoming an archaeologist. She graduated from UWG's anthropology program in 2005. Today, she works as a Senior Archaeologist and Principle Investigator. She says the four-field anthropology approach taught to her at UWG helps her every day to make connections between artifacts and culture. When asked why she chose Anthropology over any over academic discipline she responded: "Because why do something you do not love?"

Sarah Caughron - Class of 2004

Image of Sarah CaughronSarah Caughron graduated from UWG with a degree in Anthropology in 2004. She started her professional career as a National Park Ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is now a Preschool Science Teacher and Curriculum Writer. She says Anthropology is everywhere and her degree regularly helps her approach social and cultural situations with a unique perspective and allows her to approach data from a holistic framework. She adds that a degree in Anthropology is great because it is the sharpest tool in the social toolkit. Students with anthropology degrees have a unique, pattern-seeking perspective that makes them employable and marketable in a variety of academic, private, ad corporate settings. 

Keri Allen - Class of 2003

Image of Keri AllenI started as an Anthropology major at UWG thinking I was going to focus on paleoanthropology or primatology but soon discovered that all 4 sub-fields interested me. Anthropology helps me understand the beauty of diversity in human society and informs me in myriad ways as I wander down the road of life. I currently serve as Academic Advisor for Anthropology and Criminology students at UWG. I also teach part-time for the Anthropology Department and First Year Programs at UWG. Go West! Go Wolves!

Dean Wood - Class of 1972

Image of Dean WoodDean Wood, Class of 1972: Dean is the principal archaeologist for Southern Research, Historic Preservation Consultants, Inc. His degree in Anthropology from the University of West Georgia helped to launch his academic and professional career, by preparing him for graduate school in archaeology.

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