Criteria for Appointment to Lecturer
First Year Writing Program

Lecturer positions are one-year, annually renewable appointments based on annual performance evaluations by the department chair. Unlike Limited-Term Instructorships and Visiting Assistant Professorships, the position of Lecturer carries no term limits. In addition, Lecturers are eligible for promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer after six years of satisfactory performance in the rank of Lecturer. The primary responsibility of Lecturers will be to teach first-year writing courses (ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102). Other teaching opportunities may be offered at the discretion of the department chair and are contingent on scheduling needs and program requirements. Some, but not all, Lecturers may be asked to fulfill administrative responsibilities as determined by the department chair. Faculty who are appointed to the rank of Lecturer will be expected to fulfill professional development responsibilities commensurate with their teaching responsibilities in consultation with the department chair. Service within the department or to the university is also expected for renewal at the rank of Lecturer (e.g., evaluation and mentoring of Instructors and graduate students, participation in the English Education program as a member of the field observation team, advisement, participation on relevant committees, etc.). Along with tenure-track faculty, Lecturers are expected to attend department meetings, serve on department committees, and vote on matters pertaining to the organization and administration of the department, excluding personnel decisions on tenure and promotion for those at higher ranks.

The department’s Faculty Status Committee and lecturer representatives appointed to the committee for this assignment will make recommendations to the chair regarding the lecturer appointments.

Eligibility for Appointment to Lecturer:

1. A minimum of two complete years’ full-time teaching experience in the First-Year Writing Program at West Georgia.

2. A minimum degree requirement of an M.A. in English (candidates with a doctorate may apply).

3. Record of excellence in teaching in the First-Year Writing Program at West Georgia.

4. Evidence of a commitment to the First-Year Writing Program and its pedagogical principles.

Required Materials:

1. A letter that articulates the candidate’s interest in teaching first-year writing courses and participating in the First-Year Writing Program. The letter should also include a statement of the candidate’s teaching philosophy and address #3 and #4 under the eligibility requirements above.

2. Current Curriculum Vitae.

3. A current syllabus from ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102.

4. Annual Evaluations.

5. Student evaluations from courses taught at West Georgia over the previous two years. Applicants will not need to gather and submit these. They will be available through the department office.

6. Classroom Teaching Observations. These will be coordinated by the Faculty Status Committee as part of the assessment of applicants.