Courses in German:

German 1001, 1002, 2001, and 2002; German Composition (GRMN 3102) and Conversation (GRMN 3101); 18th and 19th Century German Lit.; Pop Literature. The New Generation; Theorie of the Novella; German Film as Ideological Criticism; Youth in German Literature

Course in English:

(History Courses): American Revolution 1763-1783; U.S. History since 1974; Cold War in Film

(Selected English Courses): Intro to American and British Lit.; England in the mid-17th Century; Selected American Short Stories; Lewis Carroll; America in the Movies; American Lit. and Culture in the 19th Century; Irish and Welsh Short Stories; Musealizing the Early Industrial Revolution; Canadian Novels of the Depression; "Journey" and "Quest" in American Literature; Scottish Whisky--A Cultural History

XIDS: Ireland Past and Present