Contact Advising Center: 678-839-5259

All students must contact their assigned advisor prior to the first semester they are enrolled in the program for advisement. A signed program sheet should be on student's file by the end of the first semester. This is important because the Graduate School checks the program sheet for completion of required courses when a student applies for graduation. Any changes in the approved program of study should be communicated to the faculty advisor.

All newly admitted students must complete an online orientation module prior to their first semester to learn about the program and its requirements. It is highly recommended that students take NO more than two (2) courses during any semester. This includes the Summer session because it is only six (6) weeks in duration. Course content during the Summer session is the same as during the full-length semester.

Finally, it is important that students must register a semester prior to the semester that they will graduate. Please check the Graduate School's website for the accurate due date. Also, students must prepare an electronic portfolio that can be presented online on their last semester. The portfolio is to consist of projects completed throughout the program and linked to the UWG conceptual framework and national standards.