The African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) Program is dedicated to the success of African-American male students. The primary goal of the AAMI Program is to increase retention, progression, and graduation (RPG) rates of African-American male students attending the University of West Georgia.

Over the years, AAMI has proven to be effective in increasing RPG rates for African-American males. African-American males are enrolling at higher rates, and more of them are being retained beyond the first and second years of college. Data show students are able to progress and be retained if they are receiving the right support, utilizing available resources, and feel more connected to campus by being involved. AAMI provides the support needed while encouraging students to get involved on campus.

We believe all students can be successful at UWG. With hard work, discipline, dedication, and determination, these students can be successful in and outside of the classroom. Our goal is that 100% of all students, particularly, African-American males, graduate within 4-6 years.

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How to Join

  • For Incoming Freshman/Prospective Students
  • For Current UWG Students
  • Black Men Encouraging Success Today (B.E.S.T.)



Coordinator: Mike Hester

Location: Row Hall, East Wing, Room 203

Email: mhester@westga.edu