Mission statement: The pedagogical mission of the Department of General Education is to provide a diverse student body with opportunities to achieve academically, creatively, and professionally in their chosen fields. We provide students with a balanced and dynamic academic foundation so that they graduate not only with essential reading, writing, and quantitative skills, but with the excitement of academic discovery in a variety of disciplines, a strong foundation in critical reasoning, and a firm grounding in ethics.


  • to challenge students to think deeply, embrace difference and diversity, and seek a broad understanding of other peoples, perspectives, beliefs, and values
  • to prepare students for life, learning, and leadership in an interconnected and globalized world
  • to encourage students to explore and understand an ever-growing body of knowledge across multiple disciplines
  • to teach students to communicate effectively in multiple discursive modes and for a wide array of audiences
  • to equip students with problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities from an integrated, multi-disciplinary perspective
  • to help students appreciate how different disciplines in general education inform and complement one another

General Education at UWG is designed to empower students to become

  • mathematically, scientifically, and technically proficient;
  • competent in information research;
  • literate in reading, writing, and presenting; and
  • effective critical thinkers.

Additionally, UC’s Gen-Ed department strives to

  • enhance students' awareness of academic and professional values and ethics;
  • enable students to articulate their personal and social values and how these values are shaped by the world around them;
  • foster a growth mindset and conscientiousness in students;
  • encourage students to examine individual and social behaviors; and
  • develop students’ ability to collaborate in group settings.