Innovations in Pedagogy Conference

April 29, 2014

UWG Campus Center

Faculty Round Table, 9:45-10:45 am, 108.3

"Teaching Gender and Sexuality in the Arts and Humanities"
Organizer and Moderator: Jeffrey Zamostny, Foreign Languages & Literatures

Panelists: Lynn Anderson (Foreign Languages & Literatures), Amy Cuomo (Theatre), Betsy Dahms (Foreign Languages & Literatures), Laura Miller (English & Philosophy) 

The purpose of this panel discussion are (1) to facilitate dialogue between faculty members in the College of Arts and Humanities who have offered courses in Gender & Sexuality Studies since the Fall of 2013 and (2) to foster a sense of community among faculty contributors to the new minor, which was launched in the Spring of 2012. The panel will include a brief history of the minor and the rationale behind its creation, placing special emphasis on the program's learning outcomes. Afterward, each panelist will give an overview of how his or her courses approach these objectives, as well as other outcomes of special interest to individual participants. There will be ample time for questions and discussion. 

28th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities

October 31-November 2, 2013

UWG Campus Center

Gender Studies Panels

Friday, November 1: Session 1, 9-10:30 am

Gender Studies 1: Women and Literature: Reading, Writing, and Representation

Moderator: Lynn Anderson, University of West Georgia

Elizabeth Steere, independent scholar, “Victorian Anxieties over Servants’ Sensational Reading”

Anna Gatewood Sharpe, University of Kentucky, “Making Mammies: Black Domestic Servants in The Sound and the Fury, A Feast of Snakes, and The Help”

Li Guo, Utah State University, “Writing as a Vocation for Women: A Study of Su Qing”

Friday, November 1: Session 2, 10:45 am-12:15 pm

Gender Studies 2: Work, Class, and Masculinity in American Literature

Moderator: Jeffrey Zamostny, University of West Georgia

Laura Ng, University of North Georgia, “‘I don’t know a lot of rude words’: Herbst, Paretsky, and Grafton’s Struggle to Master the Tough Guy Voice”

David Buehrer, Valdosta State University, “‘No Direction Home’: Work and Class Determinism in Denis Johnson’s Tree of Smoke”

Saturday, November 2: Session 4, 9-10:30 am

Gender Studies 3: Queer and Feminist Activisms: Labor, Migration, and Identity

Moderator: Betsy Dahms, University of West Georgia

Laura Louise Miller, University of Illinois College of Law, “Laws Governing the Professional: Looking into the Past, Present, and Future”

Adeagbo Oluwafemi, University of Johannesburg (South Africa), “Women Labour-Force Participation and Marital Relations in Post-Apartheid South Africa”

Betsy Dahms, University of West Georgia, “‘UndocuQueer’ and LGBTQ: Similar Strategies, Different Outcomes”

Jacob W. Glazier, University of West Georgia, “Only a Trickster Can Save Us: Hypercommandeering Queer Identity Positions”

27th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities 

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November 1-3, 2012

UWG Campus Center

Draft Gender Studies Panels *Subject to Change*

Friday, November 2: Session 1, 8:30-10 am
Panel 3 – Gender Studies 1: Gender and Sexuality on Stage and on Screen
Moderator: Hedwig Fraunhofer

Hedwig Fraunhofer, Georgia College and State University, “Gender and Sexual Normativity in Modern European Drama”

Dixon Li, Princeton University, “Beyoncé and the Politics of Bling, or B(ling)eing a Woman”

Michael Stowell, University of Alabama, Birmingham, “Perpetrator and Victim: The Pervasive Effects of Patriarchal Hegemony in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo”

Friday, November 2: Session 2, 10:15-11:45 am

Panel 3 – Gender Studies 2: Gender Studies at the University of West Georgia

Moderator: Jeff Zamostny

Carrie Pitzulo, University of West Georgia, “The Skirted Sheriff: Florence Thompson and the Nation’s Last Public Hanging”

Betsy Dahms, University of West Georgia, “Queer Second-Person Narration in Gloria Anzaldúa’s Later Writing”

Bonnie Adams, University of West Georgia, “‘Exciting Crisis’: Desire, Repression, and Affirmation in Wollstonecraft and Bronte”

Jeff Zamostny, University of West Georgia, “Trains, Surveillance, and Seduction in Silver Age Spanish Gay Fiction”      

Friday, November 2: Session 3, 2:15-3:45 pm

Panel 3 – Gender Studies 3: Feminisms

Moderator: Laura Ng

Laura Ng, Gainesville State College, “Sisters in Resistance: Shared Strategies of Opposition found in Feminist Hard-boiled Detective Fiction and Women’s Proletarian Writing of the 1930s”

Marlyn Henriquez, “Women and Rebellion in Los ríos profundos (1981) and La casa de los espíritus (1982)”

Britta Kallin, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Resistance and Subversion of Gender Norms: German and Austrian Feminist Fairy Tales Twist Old Stereotypes”

Jennifer Jared, Baker College, “Artistic Resistance: Rewriting Expectations of Life and Death in Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist”

Saturday, November 3: Session 5, 9-10:30 am

Panel 3 – Gender Studies 4: Gender in British Literature

Moderator: TBA 

Jane Blanchard, Augusta State University, “Making Meaning in Allegory: ‘O goodly usage of those antique times’”

Lizzie Locker, Mississippi University for Women, “Cocky in Khaki: The Imperial Adventure Novel as Masculine Reaction to Feminized Victorian Society”

Anna Waymack, University of Texas-Austin, “Usurping Sons’ Voices: Emaré and the Theft of Authority”

Rebekah Fowler, University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, “Subverting the Romance Genre: Chaucer’s Resistance to the Grief Topos in The Book of the Duchess”