With a Political Science degree from West Georgia, your career options are only as limited as your passion for leadership. Governments across the state and around the world need creative problem-solvers to deal with 21st Century issues. You can work for city, county, state, federal, or international governments with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. 

For some students, a career practicing law is in their future. Legal studies and political science are complementary areas of study, so many future law students start by getting a Political Science degree. Our students have a 90%+ placement rate in law schools and a majority of them receive scholarship support.  If you want to get ready for law school, Go West!

Graduate and professional education might be the direction you seek, and our faculty have a sterling reputation in research and mentoring students to go on to graduate work. 

While those three areas are where most alumni go on to after finishing their degree at UWG, the options are limitless. Political Science degree holders become bank presidents, business owners and entrepreneurs, non-profit-organization directors, and countless other careers because Political Science is unique in providing the skills employers want. 

For more information regarding internship and job opportunities, please contact Dr. Anthony Fleming, Internship Coordinator, and visit Career Services.