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Verus Fabula OR La Historia Verdadera

I joined the UWG ITS team in August 2007, to attend to the care and feeding of the MyUWG Web Portal, among other industrial projects. I now am now a Banner Security Admin and application programmer as well as supporting the replacement myUWG SSO projectsWork History

From 1986-1997 I was at BellSouth in Atlanta. I held postitions from Software Engineer to Sr Security Architect and made many long-time friends along the way.

In 1990 I was a lead programmer on the team that developed a 3-tier client-server user administration framework for the 9-state region's Unix systems. It uses a distributed, delegated access-control interface to manage 25,000 Service Representitives and 50+ Sys-Admins, and is still in use today in most Central Of
fices -- Enterprise Identity Management before it was cool (i.e. no directory server, no web service, no PeopleSoft interfaces).

In 1997 I took a 5-year hiatus to work for a security software firm out of Seattle as a Sales Engineer and Security Consultant - a job that I throughly enjoy
ed as it exposed me to many different companies and their varied approches to security, software distribution and customer focus.

After CyberSafe dissolved in 2002, I returned to BellSouth as a contractor until 2006.

I have deep experience in creating complex, networked UNIX systems & security software; notably authentication architectures - Kerberos, SSH, PKI, LDAP and various combinations thereof.

<br><b>Education</b> <br>
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgia State University in 1985 after several years at Georgia Tech did not have the desired affect on me or my education.
I hold a BBA with a Major in Information Systems and was an active CISSP for 8 years.


Education / Degrees

  • B.B.A, Information Systems, Georgia State University, 1985