Senior Lecturer in English


Senior Lecturer in English:  Composition, Oral Communication in Everyday Life, Interdisciplinary Studies--Mythology and Religion, The Graphic Novel, Comedy and Transgression--World Literature.

Local Broadcaster:  WLBB's AM 1330 Community Voice (ALWAYS looking for interesting guests, from Administration, faculty, and student body!  Contact me if you'd like to discuss your research or campus experiences with me on the air!)

Civil and Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator:  Coweta Circuit and Carroll County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Ecstatic Granna

Education / Degrees

  • Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies: English, American Lit and Culture, Religious Studies, Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2008
  • Courses Taught
  • Course Sections and Syllabi

    Fall 2017 Sections

    • ENGL-1101 (English Composition I) Section: 07
    • ENGL-1101 (English Composition I) Section: 12
    • ENGL-2050 (Self-Staging:Oral Com Dly Life) Section: 02
    • ENGL-2050 (Self-Staging:Oral Com Dly Life) Section: 03

    Fall 2016 Sections

    • ENGL-1101 (English Composition I) Section: 33 View Syllabus
    • ENGL-1101 (English Composition I) Section: 37 View Syllabus
    • ENGL-2050 (Self-Staging:Oral Com Dly Life) Section: 02
    • ORGL-2050 (Communications for the Wrkplce) Section: 50E
    • XIDS-2100 (Myth & Religion) Section: 01

    Summer 2016 Sections

    • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: E02

    Spring 2016 Sections

    • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: 05
    • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: 104
    • ENGL-2050 (Self-Staging:Oral Com Dly Life) Section: 03
    • ENGL-2110 (World Literature) Section: 02

    Fall 2015 Sections

    Spring 2015 Sections

    • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: LCQ
    • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: L2Q
    • ENGL-2050 (Self-Staging:Oral Com Dly Life) Section: 02
    • XIDS-2100 (Arts and Ideas: Graphic Novel) Section: 01

    Fall 2014 Sections

    Summer 2014 Sections

    • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II) Section: 01

    Spring 2014 Sections

    Fall 2013 Sections

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  • Skills and Resources

    Civil and Domestic Relations Mediator

    Licensed Georgia Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator, serving Carroll, Coweta, and Troup Counties In this role, I cultivate relationships with attorneys and litigants, negotiate between those with profoundly competing views, find points of commonality and viable solutions with which both sides can agree, and, finally, maintain the parties’ confidentiality.

    Broadcaster, Gradick Communications

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings 8:30-9:00 As host of this show, my charter is to foster an atmosphere of community cohesiveness. As such, this small-market radio show affords me the opportunity to converse with people of every profession: local and state lawmakers, educators and administrators, law-enforcement officers, pastors, artists and authors, business owners and other professionals, charitable organizations, and community service providers. In essence, my job is to engage area residents in conversations that promote civility and community in our area. Often, this involves me and my guests challenging one another, discussing differences and similarities that influence our divergent thinking about our respective roles in the community, and, on many occasions, articulating and exploring diverse political and religious viewpoints.