Video Graphics Designer


Video designer/3D generalist/UX design. Musician. Photographer. Technician. Teacher. In my former life I was a mental health therapist for about a decade working in various facets of the field from high-risk children and teens, ADD/ADHD, addictions/recovery, and marital/couples/community counseling. Also, I taught psychology on the college level for three and a half years, primarily focused on neuropsychology and psychopathology. A little over three years ago I decided to completely change my career and get into design, and that is when I came to UWG. Since I have been at UWG I have focused primarily on motion graphics, in particular 3D design in Cinema 4D/Houdini and compositing in After Effects (and a little in Nuke). I also use Premiere for video editing and design. I was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia, but I left after high school to go to college in northeast Georgia. After undergrad I decided to go west (literally) and moved to Denver, Colorado for a little over 6 years (where I practiced mental health therapy and did my graduate work). A few years ago I somehow ended up back here in Carrollton, and then not too long after I was given this excellent opportunity to work here at UWG. [Note: the uploader will not upload my CV to my Bio. Please contact me and I will send a copy to you, or you can visit my website:]

Education / Degrees

  • B.S., Counseling/Psychology, Toccoa Falls College, 2004
  • B.A., Philosophy & Religion, Toccoa Falls College, 2004
  • M.S., Psychology, University of Denver, 2007
  • Skills and Resources

    3D Design

    I am versed in various 3D applications for creating 3D simulations and motion graphics. My abilities include polygonal modeling, hard surface modeling, retopological modeling, spline modeling, spatial lighting, multi-layered and dynamic texturing (including UVW editing), particle simulation, liquid/fire/smoke simulation, dynamics modeling/building/simulation, rigging (character and other), environment creation, HDRI lighting, rendering (including multipass rendering, global illumination, ambient occlusion, etc.), projection/camera mapping, multi-camera animations, keyframe animation, Xpresso coding/setup (node-based coding) for custom controls and user data, Python scripting, and sculpting. I am versed in popular 3D plugins, including X-particles, TurbulenceFD, Octane renderer, Arnold renderer, Houdini engine, and various others.

  • Other Information

    Website & Portfolio

    My Website & Portfolio