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Arren Swift

Dr. Arren Swift is an Assistant Professor at the University of West Georgia in the Department of Early Childhood through Secondary Education. Arren received a B.S. in Social Studies Education, an M.A. in American History from Adams State University and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Social Studies from the University of South Florida. He is an active member in numerous professional organizations such as the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and National Council for History Education (NCHE). His research is focused on social studies education, teacher education, and project-based learning. His scholarship examines these issues by illuminating the voices of students. Prior to his appointment at the University of West Georgia, Dr. Swift was a clinical assistant professor at Sam Houston State University and prior to that he worked as a high school social studies teacher for eleven years. Dr. Swift has been able to take his knowledge, experience, and skill to higher education as he trains the next generation of educational leaders. 

  • B.S., Social Studies Education, University of So Florida, 2008
  • MA, American History, Adams State University, 2015
  • PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, University of South Florida, 2019

Fall 2020 Sections

  • SEED-4243 (Instruct Strat: Sec Soc Sci Ed) Section: 01 Download Syllabus [PDF]
  • SEED-4243L (Inst Strat for Sec Soc St Lab) Section: 01
  • SEED-6262 (Instrct. Strat. for Soc. Stu E) Section: 01D
  • CURR-6575 (Curriculum Trends and Issues) Section: E02 Download Syllabus [PDF]

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Project-based Learning

Research focus is on project-based learning.