Internal Communication Images

In the links to the right you will find a word template that contains both the university logo and the Go West shield. This may be used to brand internal documents such as memos, agendas and meeting recaps.

We’ve also included an image of the two logos together that can be used to brand Excel or other documents.

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Our Design Services team has developed templates to help you brand your PowerPoint presentations. These may be used within the university but are especially effective when making presentations to those outside the UWG family. Choose from a white or a blue background and feel free to add your departmental logo, as in the RCOB example.

Go West PowerPoint template instructions

  1. Click on the desired PowerPoint slide template
  2. Save into a hard drive folder of your choice
  3. In PowerPoint, choose the “File” tab
  4. Click “open” in the drop-down menu
  5. Double-click the template file

Note: The default font for these templates is Gill Sans MT with the headlines in bold.