West Georgia Technical College is built upon the participation of individual citizens, the collaboration of business and industry, community partners, education groups, and the best possible use of human and financial resources.

The College is responsive to the unique needs of each community in our West Georgia service area. West Georgia Technical College offers a comprehensive range of quality credit and non-credit programs that enhance the West Georgia regional workforce. The College provides state-of-the-art technology and educational resources that enable students to become skillful professionals in their chosen careers.

Admissions/Financial Aid Deadlines*

Term Deadline
Fall Semester June 1st
Spring Semester October 29th
Summer Semester April 9th
  • Term: Fall Semester
    Deadline: June 1st

  • Term: Spring Semester
    Deadline: October 29th

  • Term: Summer Semester
    Deadline: April 9th

FAFSA Code - 010487

*This is a preferred deadline and WGTC will continue to process admissions applications and financial aid after these dates; however, while they will make every effort to also process Financial Aid, they cannot guarantee Financial Aid being available for the fee payment deadline. Therefore, you may be expected to pay your balance out of pocket and be reimbursed after financial aid is processed. West Georgia Technical College requires Lawful Presence to be verified prior to an admissions decision being made. If you haven't already submitted Lawful Presence documentation and/or your final high school transcript to UWG, please be prepared to submit that documentation to WGTC in order for them to make an admissions decision. Additional testing may also be required to complete their admissions process.