Leave Donation


Employees of The University of West Georgia (UWG) may donate sick or annual leave to the Employee Leave Bank. The donation of leave is voluntary. Donated leave can be used by recipients for absences due to catastrophic medical needs and maternity issues. Donated leave cannot be requested or used by employees who are on leave of absences without pay.

Catastrophic medical need includes but is not limited to severe illnesses requiring prolonged hospitalization or recovery.

Maternity is defined as pregnancy, child birth, and adoption and initial period of caring for the child. This will not be limited to women giving birth; paternity leave will be eligible as well.

Employee Leave Bank

The UWG Employee Leave Bank is maintained as follows:  UWG employees may make donations to the leave bank at anytime during the year. If the leave bank is depleted the Director of Human Resources may request additional donations.  Donations to the Employee Leave Bank are submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Donated leave is deducted from the donating employee's leave balance during the first pay period of the calendar year or at retirement.

UWG employees have no input into the dissemination of the Employee Leave Bank accruals; and all donations to the Employee Leave bank are irrevocable.


Making a Donation

Leave donations must be made in whole one (1) hour increments.  A donor must complete a UWG Leave Donation Authorization Form in order to:

Authorize the deduction of leave from the donor's accrued balance: and

Specify the type and amount of leave to be donated.

Any leave hours that would be automatically forfeited at the end of the calendar year, or at the time of separation, will be transferred to the leave pool.

This completed form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Human Resources maintains the leave records for the donor and the Employee Leave Bank.


Eligible Recipient

  • To be eligible to submit requests for leave donations, a UWG employee must:
  • Have contributed 24 hours of leave (combination of sick and/or annual).
  • Have been continuously employed by UWG for at least six (6) months in a position entitled to earn and use leave immediately. 
  • After exhausting personal leave balances, an eligible employee may request leave, subject to the approval of a Faculty-Staff Committee chaired by the Director of Human Resources.
  • Use the donated leave while absent ONLY for sick leave and/or other serious family medical purposes for which the donations were approved (i.e., due to personal illness or disability of a spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or any other person who resides in the employee's household and is recognized by law as a dependent of the employee);
  • Not have been on a progressive counseling plan, illness for which Workers' Compensation benefits may be received or a disability incurred while committing a felony.


Eligible Donor

  • To be eligible to donate leave, a donor must:
  • Have been continuously employed by the University System of Georgia (UWG) for at least six (6) months in a position entitled to earn and use leave; 
  • Be a UWG employee;
  • Have a balance of at least sixty (60) hours of annual leave after donation, if donating annual leave; and,
  • Have a balance of at least sixty (60) hours of sick leave after donation, if donating sick leave.



The identity of donors is confidential and will not be provided to the recipient or to any other individual unless necessary to administer the donation or required by law or regulation.



Request for Leave

A UWG employee may request leave donations no more than forty (40) calendar days prior to going on authorized leave.

The employee (or the employee's designee if the employee is unable to personally submit the request) must submit a written request to his/her immediate supervisor.

The request must describe the reason for requesting donated leave.

A medical statement (or other documentation) supporting the need for absence must be submitted with the request.

NOTE: The medical information contained in the statement must be considered confidential and is to be shared with individuals only on a "need to know" basis. The statement is to be maintained in a confidential file separate from the employee's personnel file.

The immediate supervisor should forward an approved or denied request to the Director of Human Resources for review.

Final approval is determined by the Donated Leave Committee.  The committee will consist of the Director of Human Resources, one representative from the faculty population and one from the staff population.  NOTE: Denied requests may be processed through the regular employee grievance procedures if necessary.



The Committee, shall approve, disapprove, or approve for a period shorter than the requested amount, the request based on the provisions of this policy.

The Director of Human Resources will notify the employee in writing of the Committee’s decision.


Crediting Donated Leave to an Approved Employee

All types of leave donations, up to a maximum of 176 hours, will be credited as sick leave to a recipient, and on an as needed basis.

While using donated leave, the recipient will accrue annual and sick leave. This newly accrued leave must be used prior to continuing to use donated leave.

The recipient will be advised in writing by the Director of Human Resources or designee, of the amount of leave donated.


Placement on Family Leave

An eligible employee who is using donated leave must be placed on available family leave (Family Medical Leave), unless or until the twelve (12) work weeks of family leave has been used for the 12 month period.

Pursuant to Regents' policy and federal law, an employee may be placed on family leave without a request from the employee.

If an employee receives more than 40 consecutive hours of donated leave due to personal illness or disability, a statement from the attending health care provider that releases the employee to return to work will be required.

The release statement must indicate that the employee is able to return to work and perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

This release statement must be submitted to the employee's supervisor immediately upon return to work.


Repayment of Borrowed Leave

Repayment will begin on the first anniversary of the receipt of leave and will continue until fifty percent (50%) of the total award it repaid . The number of hours to be repaid each month will be determined by the Committee after discussion with the benefiting employee.

The start date of repayment is subject to appeal if circumstances do not enable the employee to begin repayment after one year.

If the recipient terminates employment with an unpaid balance, the University reserves the right to apply any unused sick or annual leave, up to the remaining balance, for repayment. If this balance is insufficient to repay the borrowed leave, the University reserves the right to pursue all legal method to claim repayment.


Sunset Provision:

Since this is a new policy for UWG, this document will be reviewed and revised as necessary at the end of one year, and again at the end of a two and five year period. The next review will take place in January 2009.