by Nikole Gianopoulos

In response to recent discussions across the university about how societal issues are discussed on university email lists, the College of Social Sciences recently hosted a conversation about ‘Race and Racism’ in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Composite of a face with many shades of colorRecognizing a real opportunity to share information and perspectives, the gathering presented a chance to lead courageous conversations necessary to engage social change in communities and on campus, and the College of Social Sciences seized the moment and took the leap to engage in this brave and needed conversation.

"We lead students through discussions of race and racism every day in classrooms across campus,” said Dr. N. Jane McCandless, dean of the College of Social Sciences. “Helping them explore personal assumptions, cultural biases, and social frames that we may not realize inform our attitudes and behaviors."  

Areas of inequality are topics social scientists address daily in teaching, scholarship, and practice Dr. McCandless explained. The College of Social Sciences’ faculty are nationally known experts across areas of diversity and social justice, including racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism, among others.

Dr. McCandless concluded, “The College of Social Sciences looks forward to providing a safe space through the Courageous Conversations series for faculty and staff across the university to explore avenues to encourage and uphold healthy and respectful personal and professional interactions and relationships." 

Posted on January 27, 2015