by Katie Stepp

The University of West Georgia’s College of Social Sciences (COSS) recently held its fifth annual All College Service Day. More than 40 students, faculty and staff volunteered their time at seven community-based projects and organizations on campus as well as around the city of Carrollton.

With the growth in the number of volunteers willing to serve over the last five years, the COSS has been able to reach out to and give its time to more projects and organizations during the All College Service Day.

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At the beginning of the day, volunteers were divided into groups and assigned to specific projects before heading out around the community. Most of the sites were places where volunteers had gone in the past. At each site, there was a defined project waiting to be completed. At the end of three hours, they had made a clear difference.

The locations served were the UWG Community Gardens, Ingram Library Special Collections, Keep Carroll Beautiful (Knox Park), Peace at Home Project, Veterans Memorial Park, Carroll County Animal Shelter and Native Plant Society.

UWG mascot Wolfie gardening“Similar to last year, the most popular site was the Carroll County Animal Shelter,” said Dr. Jeannette Diaz, associate professor of psychology. “Here, the volunteers were able to spend time with cats and dogs. Pets who receive regular socialization and interaction with humans are easier to adopt out, so our volunteers made real differences in the lives of these animals.”

At the Community Garden on campus, several students tried their gardening skills. As members of the student ecoleaders group, Brian Luke and Connor Reid want to help maintain the garden.

“Gardening reminds me of home,” said Stephanie Mivsek. “My mother has a big garden like this, so it’s nice to be out here.”

“In addition, two of our sites, the Peace At Home Project and the Veterans Memorial Park serve our veterans,” Diaz added. “We are particularly pleased to partner with these organizations.”

Even Wolfie volunteered at the Native Plant Society site.

No matter where the volunteers were placed, they had meaningful experiences while helping the community and building relationships with those around them.

“The motto for the College of Social Sciences is Serving Humanity and Doing Public Good,” Diaz concluded. “Our All College Service Day is an opportunity for us to make this motto come alive.”

Posted on September 21, 2017