by Sarah Powell

The University of West Georgia has recently partnered with two Georgia colleges through its West in Thirty program, expanding options for program participants. Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) and Gordon State College (GSC) join West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) as partner institutions for students navigating another way West through West in Thirty.

Smiling UWG student on campusExecuted by UWG’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and partner schools, West in Thirty offers aspiring students who do not yet meet admissions requirements the opportunity to start their academic journey by attending a partner institution for 24 credit hours and seamlessly transferring to UWG to complete their degree.

Director of Undergraduate Admissions Dr. Justin Barlow believes that higher education should not only be available to a select few.

“West in Thirty has allowed us not to say ‘no’ but instead say ‘not yet,’” stated Barlow. “This subtle change gives both hope and direction to prospective students seeking a path to reaching their intended educational outcomes.”

West in Thirty makes the process as easy and as free of barriers as possible. The program acts as a concierge service to participating students. Once they’ve applied to UWG, eligible students will have their application and SAT/ACT scores sent to the partner college of their choice free of charge. Once they have earned their 24 credit hours at the partner school and are ready to transfer back to UWG, there is no cost to reapply.

I am just happy to provide students with another way to Go West,” said Logan Taulien, associate director of admissions. “We hope this gives students an opportunity to better their futures.”

Since its inception, the West in Thirty program has had over 135 successful transfers back to UWG.

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Posted on June 11, 2020