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Emily Hipchen, Ph.D.

Bio: Emily Hipchen is a Fulbright scholar, the editor of _Adoption & Culture_, and an editor of _a/b: Autobiography Studies_. She is also the author of a memoir, _Coming Apart Together: Fragments from an Adoption_ (2005). She's an editor of Inhabiting _La Patria: Identity, Agency, and Antojo in the Works of Julia Alvarez_ (2013) and of _The Routledge Auto|Biography Studies Reader_ (2015); as well as an editor of four special issues: _Adoption Life Writing_,_ Adoption Studies Research_, _Critique as a Signature Pedagogy_, and _What's Next? The Futures of Auto|Biography Studies_. Her essays, short stories, and poems have won multiple awards and have appeared in _Fourth Genre_, _Northwest Review_, _Cincinnati Review_, and elsewhere. She teaches editing and publishing, and creative nonfiction, as a full professor at The University of West Georgia.

  • B.A., Furman University,
  • Ph.D., University of Georgia,

Fall 2019 Sections

  • ENGL-1102 (English Composition II-Honors) Section: 25H
  • ENGL-4210 (Adv.CreativeWriting:CNF) Section: 03W
  • ENGL-5210 (AdvCreativeWriting:CNF) Section: 03

Summer 2019 Sections

  • ENGL-3410 (Technology for Editors/Writers) Section: 1DW

Fall 2018 Sections

  • XIDS-2002 (You Are What You Eat) Section: 20
  • ENGL-3410 (Technology for Editors/Writers) Section: 1DW
  • ENGL-4405 (Publishing and Editing) Section: 01W
  • ENGL-6385 (Autobiography) Section: 02

Summer 2018 Sections

Spring 2018 Sections

  • XIDS-2002 (WDYKA You are What you Eat) Section: 12
  • ENGL-4210 (Adv Creative Writing: NonFic) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-4385 (Publishing Tech) Section: 1DW
  • ENGL-4386 (Narrative Medicine) Section: 01
  • ENGL-5210 (Adv Creative Writing: NonFic) Section: 02
  • ENGL-6385 (Writing for Social Media: anal) Section: 02

Fall 2017 Sections

Summer 2017 Sections

  • ENGL-1101 (English Composition I) Section: 01
  • ENGL-5386 (Editing & Publishing Theory) Section: 01

Spring 2017 Sections

Fall 2016 Sections

Spring 2016 Sections

Spring 2015 Sections

  • ENGL-2120 (British Literature) Section: 03
  • ENGL-3200 ( IntCrtvWrtg-Nonfiction) Section: 03W
  • ENGL-4210 (AdvCrtvWrtg-Nonfiction) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-5210 (Adv Creative Wrtng-Nonfiction) Section: 02

Coming Apart Together: Fragments from an Adoption

Inhabiting La Patria: Identity, Agency, and Antojo in the Work of Julia Alvarez

The Routledge Auto|Biography Studies Reader