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Student (Office) Hours: Since this is an asynchronous course, I will have online hours set aside to meet specifically with students. These will be through Collaborate Ultra (inside CourseDen). I will be available Tuesdays from 10am-11am and on Thursdays from 10am-11am (unless otherwise noted). Note: Each morning prior to our office (student) hours, I will post a link in “Announcements” that will launch Collaborate Ultra and take you to our “meeting place.” In addition, virtual student (office) hours may be scheduled by appointment and held via either Collaborate Ultra or Google Meet. If you wish to schedule such, email me to do so. Along with virtual student (office) hours, I am also available via email through both my UWG email and also through CourseDen email (please use bjames@westga.edu for more immediate responses since I will get notifications on my phone) during normal business hours (9 am-5 pm). If you email me during times other than those listed, my response may be delayed. Note: Please be sure to add a subject to your email. The standard subject line will be the course name, so you’ll need to change that to alert me to the actual subject of your email. You have LOTS of options to reach out to me. PLEASE do not hesitate to do so. Communication if often the key to SUCCESS.

Download curriculum vitae for Brandy Chambless, M.A. in MS Word
Brandy Chambless, M.A.

After receiving my M.A. in English in 1997, I have worked at UWG for 24 years as an instructor, lecturer, and now senior lecturer, teaching English 1101 (Composition I), English 1102 (Composition II), English 0999 (Co-Curricular Learning Support for ENGL 1101), English 2001 (Introduction to Literature), English 2130 (Survey of American Literature), English 2190 (Literature by Women), ENGL 2050 (Self-Staging), XIDS 2002 (WKYK Being A College Student in Transition), and XIDS 2100 (Arts and Ideas). I also served as 10 years as the Director of the First Year Writing Program and 7 years as the Director of the University Writing Center. In addition, I served as the Associate Director of First Year Writing until the Fall of 2020. I am married to Guy Chambless, CFO of Coosa Valley Credit Union, and have a 20-year-old daughter, Sarah, who is a junior at Georgia Southern University, along with a step-daughter, Emmie (21), who is a junior here at UWG, and a step-daughter, Ella Claire (23), who is an administrative assistant in the School of Business at the University of North Georgia. In addition, I am active in animal rescue, currently working with a local rescue group, Hickory Level Hound Rescue, rescuing and fostering primarily siberian huskies who have come from death row at animal shelters across the nation.

  • B.A., English, University of West Georgia, 1996
  • M.A., English, University of West Georgia, 1997

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