Tonia Phanor

Early on Dr. Phanor realized she loved to speak and her effectiveness as a communicator was a key to opening doors and achieving success. Her passion for speech communication fueled her pursuit of a dual B.A. degree in Speech Communication and Political Science from Pepperdine University. Before entering college, she was an international exchange student in Japan, while in college she continued learning about various cultures as a study abroad student in Italy. After college, she decided it was time to leave Southern California and went on to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Speech Communication from the University of Georgia. She also completed a Ph.D. in Communication at Georgia State University. Dr. Phanor has since taught Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Business and Professional Communication, and Health Communication for various universities over 20 years.

  • Ph.D., Doctorate, Georgia State University, 2015

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  • COMM-1110 (Public Speaking) Section: E05
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