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John Dyck, Ph.D.

Dr. Dyck's main area of research is in aesthetics and philosophy of art, in particular on aesthetic experience and the philosophy of music and film. He also researches intersections between aesthetics and art and other domains such as gender, philosophy of mind, and value theory. His research engages extensively with country music. His research also engages the role of the will in our experience of beauty and art.

  • PhD, Doctorate in Philosophy, CUNY - The Graduate Center, 2019

Summer 2022 Sections

Spring 2022 Sections

"Spatial Music," European Journal of Philosophy [View Publication External Resource]

"The Aesthetics of Country Music," Philosophy Compass [View Publication External Resource]

"There Are No Purely Aesthetic Obligations," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly [View Publication External Resource]

"The Sonic Art of Film and the Sonic Arts in Film" in Carroll, di Summa, and Loht, eds., The Palgrave Handbook for the Philosoph [View Publication External Resource]

"Appreciating Bad Art" (with Matt Johnson), Journal of Value Inquiry [View Publication External Resource]