The Art of Information

by James Richard Brett

In every job, whether it is Assistant Under-Secretary of the Department of Education, a fifth-grade teacher, Senior Controller for IBM, Programmer II at Microsoft Corporation, or master brick mason, there is an information component. There are also skills components and knowledge components, all of which are dynamic with the information component. This is an important and interesting point: one's knowledge and skills are conditioned by the way relevant information is made available and used. We believe that what holds true for employees with respect to information will quickly affect our clients.

It is the author's belief that information giving is a feed-forward system which produces qualitative change. Information restricting is actually the static system you might have thought it was in history class back in the eleventh grade. Information, despite what you have heard from Structuralists and all manner of academics mourning the poverty of their disciplines (and souls), is catalytic!

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