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Incorporating Environmental Excellence In Service Industries

by Nazim U. Ahmed, Sushil K. Sharma, and Ray V. Montagno


On The Relationship Between The Market Risk Premium And The Risk-Free Interest Rate

by Confidence W. Amadi


Managing Your Research Writing For Success: Passing The "Gate Keepers"

by Charles C. Fischer


Corporate Short-Term Thinking And The Winner Takes All Market

by Eduard Gracia


Earnings Surprises And Portfolio Performance: Empirical Evidence From The U.S. Sector Markets

by H. Christine Hsu


Burnout And Expectancies About Alcohol Use: Drinking Behavior In A Sample Of University Professors

by Tracy McDonald and Marc Siegall


Similarities Between Just-In-Time Manufacturing And Simultaneous New Product Development

by Mohammad Z. Meybodi


Asian Stock Market Empirical Comovement: A Sign Of Efficiency Or Multi-Country Financial Crisis

by Tammy R. Parker and Michael E. Parker


Financing Through Musharaka: Principles and Application

by Hussain G. Rammal


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